Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Me tanking

I heal mostly , I've dabbled in DPS but now my troll druid is tanking actually she leveled tanking (I'm almost 70! :O ). Tanking is an odd choice for me though I'm not a leader I'm painfully shy I'm timid I'm just not a bossypants like most tanks I have known, so no speed runs I like to look at a pull and think about it for a moment decide the best strategy then pull. I'm an ok tank, at least I think I'm not horribad awful scary bad and my son who usually heals me says I'm consistently better then most tanks he's met, but since I am the one in control of treats and various other stuff he may be trying to be nice (to him if you're reading this I know you are usually brutally honest I was joking.).


Sometimes when I tank it starts like this, I look at the mobs feel secure that all my keybinds are in the right place and my hand is on the keyboard ( I'm still learning how to mouse turn and use keybinds) in the right spot and ready then I pull with fairy fire, demoralizing roar and.... then all hell breaks loose and I'm thinking AHHH! the mage just fireblasted a different target the hunter shot something from an entirely different group of mobs we have twice the pull I intended, hit challenging roar AHHH!! AHHHH! growl, now the mages target is under control change to the hunters maul swipe whatever get that one's aggro oh hell, the mage is hitting another mob where the hell did that come from AHHHH! another group!!!!! growl, swipe, mangle, maul, roar whatever hit what's not on cooldown I hope I can keep aggro on all of these, things start to wind down and mobs die, for the most part I hold aggro no one dies but Arrghhh! that was complete chaos, why did I think I could do this pant, pant, pant! Does anyone else feel like that or is it just me? Other tanks seem so calm.

Then there are pulls that go like this LOS the caster mobs to the right spot the DPS all target my target no random mobs running around I rotate through targets use my tools and it's calm and perfect I always have aggro. Why did I ever thing this was hard.

It seems like a PUG is all the first kind pull or the second kind and I have no idea if I'm any good or why it's either easy or super stressful hard.

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