Sunday, October 30, 2011

hollows end silly

The old gods attempt to lure Alliance with candy

"No, I won't go fishing with you"

Your disguise, It's not gonna fly

On pandas.

I like to join in that party a week late and after everyone has gone home.... I'm like that, less people and all and me being so shy.

I like pandas. I have a plush panda I think they are cute and cool. To me it's a great addition to the game. I love the Asian flavour of the expansion and think it will fit in just fine. WoW has always been a weird mix of odd elements, the tram, I was so confused fantasy, trams technology?, trams fantasy? my brain! umm I never "oooh, I'll collect rats for you .... WHAT ! you plant to eat them? !!!" gnomes are weird , cute but weird. Also the giant Silithus bugs, now that garnered two weeks of crazy rants about giant bugs ( oooh, pretty robes loove Kurinnaxx, well killing him ...) belong in science fiction , I have seen those movies, radiation giant bugs horror, destruction , oh wait the radiation is with the gnomes, anyhow.... WoW has always been a little odd it is it's own world a unique place. So pandas nifty.

The first MMO I played had pandas it was a Chinese really obscure game, you raised pets became devils or gods could fly around on a cloud ( yay! flying although not much exploring, it was isometric) craft ( making good armour took months if you didn't use a bot) and disguise yourself as a pet, one of the first pets I was gifted randomly by someone was a humanoid panda I ran around disguised as that pet (or an anthropomorphic voodoo pineapple) much of the time a lot so MMOs and pandas go together in my mind , also the Asian theme is what I started with, WoW actually seemed very odd to me , and night elves were just creepy looking as heck (that coming from a voodoo pineapple demon), I'm used to them now though*. So yes I am excited.

One of the things I did see and was dissapointed by on the official forums was the amount of racism and xenophobia against the Chinese. I suspect this may fuel some of the anti panda feelings. This made me sad. This is a game and we should be having fun and enjoying it,after all anyone you may play with may be different from you and still you will often have fun think they are great but may not know how they look or believe or where they are from. I am glad moderators cleaned up much of this as it was going on. I worry more about inapropriate cultural appropriation on blizzards part that may happen then that an American game is some how pandering to another culture, it is a big world after all and so far we can't get off of it yet so we have to live together.

* I am logged in on my night elf druid right now trick or treating, and typing while flying.... ahhhh! tree! I should watch where I'm going.

Friday, October 28, 2011

So my Grammar sucks

My daughter informed me of this, she doesn't buy that the commas are on holiday.

Someone's not getting rubber scorpions in her bed this Halloween.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I see in the future

As a Pandaran I will walk up to the wrong flight master in Gadgetstan and ask for a ride , as I die horribly I'll remember what faction I am on.

Actually I'll do that without a race that can be both sides.

I just wanted a ride ......

Sunday, October 23, 2011

yep, I'm a bitch

If it means being assertive and competent.

If you are too tired to play, and you queue for an instance, you should politely excuse your self , drop group, and go get some sleep. It is healthier for you, the rest of the group will be happier and less irritated also.

Of course you could always stay, run ahead pull everything while the tank waits for the healer to drink, beg for recount to be posted ( your DPS will be lower then everyone else, because ret paladins are supposed to use two handers rather then one handers, and while you're at that roll need on the shield but not the two handed sword, because umm .... I dunno you are to tired to think.) and ignore the tank (me) and healers polite requests to behave like part of the group because if you don't finish just one more level 20ish instance before bed, the world will end, ( I am guessing here, I imagine there could be some other situation, like maybe the great pumpkin will withhold all candy from little kids this year if you don't finish SFK before bed, and we just don't know about it, or your super smart but amoral psychic plush rabbit has plans to unleash a zombie virus on the world, using kittens as carriers, if you don't let him watch you play just a little more, or is that just me?) and oh, stand in any bad on the floor while you're at it.

You could also queue as a tank, sword , shield running ahead ignoring healers mana it seems logical. You'd fit into the annoying PuG tanks club. ( This guy came up to me one night in Silvermoon's murder row " Hey babe, I see you are speced protection...." to tell me about it, they have a lacquered card, and secret meetings, where they eat baby murlocs while discussing whether tanking drunk, or sober so you can coherently type insults is better, and what is the best line for hitting on healers. They do other stuff, but it's just to disturbing to mention. I opted out, because I like happy mana filled healers that get to loot, and moving at a not slow but not racing speed, and baby murlocs are cute.)

I asked the healer to stop healing you. You died. (you also stood in pistol barrage)

You called me a bitch, but lady Sylvanas is a bitch (according to Garrosh, who I kinda don't like) and she's really badass and so I'm in good company.


ETA commas , most are back from holiday, a few may have jetlag and placed themselves badly, some just stayed away, the rest are making me watch a slideshow of their holiday snaps.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Really kinda disturbing...

I like collecting vanity pets. they travel with me I talk to them when I'm soloing I pat their little heads, hug them, and cuddle them (the ones that would be appropriate with). I would not have them fight each other ,well I probably will if it means more pets, but I'll feel bad , maybe just the oozeling, the creepy crate, and geode or mechanical pets or that skull, I already call him gastly. I do have a Pokemon team I based on my wow vanity pets gastly(ghostly skull), caranvine(sinister squashling) , mightenya(worg pup), tynamo (mana wyrmling_..... umm, have I ever mentioned I love Pokemon, and often pretend to be my Pokemon character playing WoW , but still.....

Argent squire fighting Wolvar pup or winters helper, that is just wrong, and although I call my Siamese cat meowth, I just won't feel right to pit him against some creepy crate.

It just seems like a rather odd thing to add To WoW.

Is there a point to this, I dunno.... but my 24 hours have passed and Pokemon Dream World is open for me now So you know where I'll be for the next hour....