Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Not on the blog much, still playing WoW though

I still enjoy the game , I play quite a bit , still don't have Draenor flying,  but i tend to not go there except maybe to my garrison, if that. ( I have a character on eldest childs account that  I fly around there on) There are some pretty places, but meh, maybe my annoyance or just really great anger over the almost no flying lingers and is directed at Dreanor. It would greatly improve the game to just get flying I would pay 60$ us just to buy it, as I hate questing and rep stuff , i wander and pet battle. Much of the story makes me roll my eyes, this world is full of unreasonable people who  just forever  do senseless things.  like there is great danger lets all fight amongst ourselves, why not ?

Draenor is just not appealing to me, i caught a few pets I liked like the toucan looking ones , the green is my favourite. just love that little bird.  A lot of the neater pets you can just buy from the AH.

I finally got the baron's mount, so that was nice , and it took a bit long, like years too long.

I like the ghost pets from halloween quite a bit too, my little ghost maggot is adorable. having a critter haunted garrison is pretty neat too.

I still spend most of my time on the timeless isles, I just like it there a lot. I think it was one of the best designed  places ever. Actually I like Pandaria overall.

I also avoid most of the WoW community, even on tumblr ( actually especially on tumblr) people get pretty negative. ( although I guess this is kinda negative)

Not sure why i enjoy playing so much , but I do love pet battling and farming for stuff and  nifty clothes (not that my outfits matter i'm almost always in cat form  of flight form)

I still think WoW is one of the prettiest games, most other games have too much detail for detail 's sake and it  starts to look weird, plus the colours on WoW are just better. Most other games look  oddly washed out and faded.

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