Sunday, September 24, 2017

just thinking and hi

sometimes I wonder about people i used to know and hang out with in WoW or even in various other games and online places.

like are they still there but as a different avatar? like me still there but someone else.

I actually like the game (WoW) still but don't play all that much, life is so much, it's good but harder in ways.

I can see again, since the cataract was removed do games are more fun again, getting the other one done soon so 3d vison again, yay!

but yeah, I think about people and just wonder where they are and are they ok?

I hope everyone is  doing well, that they are living thir lives fully or at least the best they can and are enjoying stuff.

it's so weird how you can be so (seemimgly?) close to people  and they just dissapear, or you do I guess

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