Saturday, February 23, 2013

Autistic people should....

Trigger warning for image.

Put that in the Google search and you get a rather distressing and very disappointing auto complete.
People searching on google WTF?!!

Today is a day to flash blog about what Autistic people should ....

I have trouble with the word should, because it was always uesd against me. You should not flap your hands , you should not spin, you should stop rocking, you should talk, you should give up your obsession with plush animals...

You get it a lot of bad shoulds.

Maybe time for some good shoulds

Although  shoulds should only be done when you want to.

The autocomplete is as I sad disturbing, wouldn't it be nice if people actually saw something different?

I'm autistic.

I married an autistic.

My son is autistic .

My daughter is autistic.

I want the world to be a good place for them and their peers.

Autistic people should create art.

Autistic people should get married. (if they want to, and to the gender of their choice!)

Autistic people should have children. (If they want to, because being unwanted is sad)

Autistic people should stim.

Autistic people should write blogs.

Autistic people should play video games. ( in the way they like even if it's "wrong" ) 

Autistic people should create games.

Autistic people should be treated with respect.

Autistic people should be heard, and listened to.

Autistic people should be safe and happy.

Autistic people should live

My family expected me to sort of be an eccentric spinster living with family as I made art and dolls and never to go to college and get married and certainly not to have kids, although they encouraged me to do all that I did do.

And I did. 

I still have communication problems.

This is not the most eloquent blog.

But people out there, be caring and don't hate difference, try to be understanding, there are a lot of people out there and people with different abilitys we should value and respect them all.

Be kind.

Be accepting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Air and fire

                                                       Stylish warlock and new friend
do you see something flying up there?

Cursecog Says thank you Navimie, He'll try not to corrupt the Air spirit, try , no promises,  'cause he's a warlock. Also he's on fire , and air just feeds that.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bank alts and me

I was rather a long while ago introduced to the idea of "mules" as my guild mates called them then, a character that held your stuff till you needed it, it seemed like a really cool idea. So I made one.

She hung out in Orgrimmar and held my materials and  auctioned stuff .

Except for one thing she was just wearing  her starter outfit, which wasn't all that cool, but she was level one so ehh, not much choice. I bought her some vendor stuff, and imported an alliance druid robe ( her outfit went to the alliance druid my Alliance bank alt) but it was not enough , she needed to look better.

I would level her just a little , you know till she had some nice clothes....

She needed professions too because well you just should right?

I found the perfect outfit after seeing someone in the Undercity, but you had to be level sixty or close.

Fifteen levels later she had a back story

Thirty some levels later she needed a bank alt because leveling gets you stuff, and going all the way to the one auction house was bothersome.

So I made another bank alt.

The original was level  sixty and looked good but you can't have a level 60 bank alt right?

Of course the new bank alt looked a bit shoddy in her starter gear....

On the Alliance the bank alt was well, in  a nifty horde shaman starter outfit, but I wanted antlers... I mean that would look so cool....

I'd have to level

and raid...

and she needed a bank alt

then my friend wanted to play on another server, so I started with a " main " and another bank alt.

Bank alts  are the gateway drug to altitis.

at least for me.

anyhow I have to level because my troll druid and former bank alt must have antlers and bat form and well...

a farm.

Yesterday I made a bank alt for her....

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Yes we all know the dangers of the Undercity elevator ( ok, maybe the Alliance doesn't but they have bigger problems then the  elevators when  in the Undercity.)

I've spoken about the problem with the lack of railings in places before so everyone is aware of that


Thunder bluff's  elevators have NO RAILINGS!!!

You could fall right off if you were half asleep from going to the faire and heading back with some flour to batter those frogs you have had in your bags for three days and not paying attention!

The whole city mostly lacks railings come to think of it.

I'll have to write someone a letter.

Ok then,


NEW elevators ( well kinda I mean its been a couple of years I think)

A new danger

Mount decapitation!!!!

YES! yes, you heard me right, mount decapitation!

There I was next to some Forsaken hunter, he was sitting impatiently on his skeletal warhorse, he edged forward, trying to see when the platform would arrive  when suddenly it did, cutting off his warhorses head!!! bone dust everywhere, the horse collapsed too dropping him on his backside.

He said the Apothecarys could fix it.

Imagine if it had been a raptor, or wolf or something alive. (or don't because that's just kind of disturbing)

The elevators need doors so people won't do that.

So , just stand back and wait patiently for the lifts till Garrosh fixes this (I sent him a letter) so your mounts will be safe.

Also for ancestors sake, keep your head out of the shaft , unless you want to join them.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It just really likes me

I/we'd landed in plaguelands to do a bit of questing, something just seemed a bit off , as we prepared to quest.

it looks so nonchalant 

                         Is that some sort of new fighting style? why are you still on that thing?

they're missing it at lights hope while we speak

You know you can't keep it , you have to give it back. Just do the Argent Tournement  later and when you have the tokens ask for that one if it's so attached to you.

I'm seeing things or something

This glitch lag thing  hasn't really happened much to me since vanilla (once since then. maybe), but it lasted longer then ever about 48 minutes. Here's how it looked on my monitor. Phantom hippogryph really liked me. I miss him.