Thursday, December 8, 2011

darkmoon Faire, attractions and distractions

I know it's a faire and it has games and quests and other stuff, but OMG FISHING!!!

There are fishing nodes and you get stuff, valuable stuff. I love fishing nodes I have something like five characters of my own with turtle mounts and three of my daughters characters with turtle mounts , fishing nodes are crazy fun I can keep myself entertained for hours, fish, special grab bags of treasure always a surprise, so exciting.( I know I'm easily to entertain, frozen herbs thrill me too "what will it be?!" and you can get random jewels mining even a pet! and treasure chests don't get me started I have many spawn points memorized, also those orbs and shards in the blasted lands...) I like fishing I like it so much I make alts to level fishing on, because once a character is leveled up on fishing I get sorta bored so more I like leveling fishing, although catching fish for cooking is nice too.

The Darkmoon Faire has water and that means fishing, not only plain old fishing but nodes of treasure laden boxes ( herbs, cloth , leather potions food etc). so I must fish, but not only that it has a fishable pet, my alts all want the seahorse , how cute is a seahorse in it's own bubble of water, I haven't been able to let the faire distract me with all the fishing I need to do , my morning are pleasantly full of fishing, and listening to mystery shows.

I now have quite a few wealthy low level alts, with cute pets.

The game needs more fishable pets and mounts, it would be rather nice. I woill still fish without more, but I do love fishing. If you could level by fishing I'd have many at max level.

Oddly, I'm not sure I will fish for the pet on my main since she has her favourite pet, a sinister squashling. It would seem sort of unfair to not want to keep a new pet out.

With all the glod from the stuff from the nodes I have also started acquiring many sinister squashlings, since it is my favourite pet and new alts will need them.( I know I have too many alts already, how will I feed them ... with fish?) I love squashlings, so many squashlings it's like a garden of cute evil.

I'm a crazy squashling lady, no cats for me.

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