Thursday, December 1, 2011

I can't possibly PuG today...

...this shield is entirely wrong with this armour! Don't even look at my axe! and my boots *cries*

Transmog, it's nifty I haven't actually done anything with it yet because I have no full set of matching armour, I'm close on my druid, but still no shoulders for her.

Plate seems really hard to get, or just really expensive (1500 gold, for those pant's, No way! well maybe.... NO!) on most servers that I have plate wearers, they still look sorta like my sister did in my hand me downs (I had a very odd sense of colour it still scares my daughter, "That goes, really! stop making faces bright aquamarine, and hot pink, go great with yellow, ok, how about this orange shirt? ). So I am spending my game time killing things,(to loot, my mismatched outfits don't really make me that angry.) and hoping some of the drops will match (or not, since my daughter makes faces at my armour set plans, but I think it looks good....) and questing, since there are some rewards that match other rewards and so it's already done for me.

Eventually I will look snazzy enough to show my face in LFG , but for now I will wander the wilderness looking like a mess.

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