Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ranty Observations

I was in two different Pugs the other day, both on my mid level paladin tank.

In one the healer was back a ways drinking, and was a night elf female, so when the hunter asked where was the healer and why did I stop I said "she's back drinking, her mana was low" the healer said "He, I'm a guy" I said "Ok, sorry" but the hunter got annoying at that point he said I was stupid to assume it was a girl, girls don't play WoW" he added a few other things about if they did how awful they'd be and one other DPS joined him. Anyhow it showed they were more than a bit obnoxious.

A few PuGs later I was once again waiting for someone to drink, although this time it was a mage a female Draenei.(I know usually they don't have to drink much but the hunter a different one (Why always hunters?) had pulled extra groups.) So the hunter said "Dude hurry up!" to the mage, and the mage said "I'm a girl, not a dude" the hunter called her an attention whore for saying she was a girl, the warlock joined in that girls don't play wow and agreed that if she was a girl why say anything it's no big deal if you get called a guy, then the healer said girls who play Wow are fat. there was some more commentary and denegration of any girl who would play WoW, even blaming the mage for the last mess, so I said "I'm a girl too" . They stopped, since just a few minutes before they had been telling me how well I had handled that chaos we had just survived (barely) perhaps they felt uncomfortable? (ok, maybe they had run out of insults, who knows?)

Another thing as we were killing next pack the healer whispered me "Are you hot?"
Seriously why do these people act like this? I though we (girls who play WoW) were all fat and nonexistent?!!!

The hunter wanted to queue again, how dense can you be? insulting two group members and we would like to join you again? .... no thanks!

The thing is, that in that second group the mage had crowd controlled and saved the healer while I was getting to him,(he had healed the hunter) the mage hadn't taken much damage, she never pulled aggro off me in the whole instance was second in DPS so really, she was just fine.

I guess it's really bad to call a guy a girl,and if a girl doesn't like being called a guy well she'd better just deal with it because no girls on the internet or something like that. This is not the only time I have seen both of these behaviours, just the first time both in one day, so I was annoyed.

And some guys whine about how girls don't play WoW.

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