Monday, October 22, 2012

Sure i'll stay away from da VooDoo

Demons on the other hand.....

It's poor quality, but , it was the first one I saw, I suppose I'll use some sort of " evolotion stone" on it later, but it is adorable.


Doomie the Infected Squirrel.

I've been playing around with crayons lately. I'm doing battle pets, for the most part. I will post more later.

If anyone has a particular pet they would like to see  immortalized  (what is on the internet is forever, poor Doomie naked forever online, but the squirrels don't wear clothes , so no future political scandals) in crayon and cut out and stuck to the wall, just leave a comment.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little thought

Pull more I can handle it! mostly it will results in a wipe.
Just an observation.

If the healer says that again after a wipe,
and the tank makes another big pull.
You will all die again

They can't handle it.

Don't trust them .

They are evil.

I spent about four hours observing this with multiple healers.

I wasn't healing I was just DPS.

Something is making the healers act  evil or  thoughtless.

Possibly the water,

I dunno,

but I'm PuGing again.

I should start healing.

I don't want whatever it is to make me evil

 maybe it' s Sha

Like one of pride

I know there isn't one of pride,

Probably hatred ,

hatred toward  bad tanks.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Normally i'd just hit ignore...

But I wasn't even on Moon Guard.

Yes,my punctuation and spelling are bad too.

Maybe he was trying to get around the profanity filter, and  he uses smileys as though that is friendly?

My mains are on Moon Guard, I have alts all over. My best friend  always says I have character on  every server and an alt of any level so as he levels he can count on me to group with ( it's not that bad , I am not on PvP servers and  only on about five PvE non RP servers) I expect with Moon Guards reputation , for this to happen there, but it doesn't, or at least it hasn't in a long time. On my PvE servers I get this once a month sometimes more often.

I just don't know , the whole thing seemed so silly, usually I'd just get angry, but it seemed sorta sad.

Poor desperate, blood elf.

But why, is someone like that just trolling? I know either way if he's serious or not,  he is trolling .  the word could be used that way, but if someone took him up on it would he be like all " I get my robe and wizard hat"

 I was confuzzled by his determination, do people actually go think " Hey some complete stranger walks up to me in Eversong while I'm farming for that grey robe. I'll stop killing stuff and have virtual sex with them, yeah sounds reasonable and fun."

No .

Didn't think so.

Friday, October 5, 2012

a letter

Dear Zen,

Thank you for the lovely items you sent, I noticed a distinct lack of cloth. The rings and staff were perfect. I really could use a new robe, I was thinking something rustic like perhaps, a beaded robe, of the owl if possible, or maybe an ancestral robe. The green of the beaded one might be a bit much with my lovely red hair.

I sold those black leather items, that you sent yesterday.  My apartment overlooking the Court of the Sun won't pay for itself. I know you included a note of some sort with them, but  Zen, it was half in Trollish , or you really need to work on your handwriting.  You're a scribe, you should  practice more I may need some of those glyphs I 've heard about later on.

It was nice of you to include some little items for me to practice my enchanting hobby on. The fish and boar meat were a bit old, I couldn't be expected to eat them, or even practice cooking with them, the stench! it was terrible!  Make sure the meat and fish are fresh next time!

I really love the parrot, it  colours are brilliant, I plan to rename it.  Polly is a bit unoriginal, don't you think?  That fawn is undead, please no more undead creatures they are troublesome to clean up after that squirrel keeps loosing bit and pieces of rotting flesh I don't know how it's still so intact. They  also smell unpleasant. You should head to Elwynn, they have some  live fawns there. You are a sly  sneaky creature as all trolls are, so avoiding the alliance guards should be no trouble for you.

I 've enclosed some gold, as you always seem to need a bit of this or that while you are out collecting companions for me. It's more than enough that you should treat yourself, a new outfit perhaps? those leggings are getting a bit ragged, I can't have my people looking like some sort of bedraggled urchins.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

wandering about collecting pets

I like collecting pets. It's fun. The whole fighting with them still seems sorta weird though, since the pets of Azeroth are real creatures , well some of them at least.

The last couple of weeks have been hard in RL. I got rather ill, plus had a relapse of  my eating disorder, ( this is especially bad because not eating plus  serious infection is not good for you)  and   the school year start and any change in the obscure household is painfully disruptive. We like our routine, no disruptions please.

I don't really feel like leveling, as fun as my 85's were, I'm well, bored with them.

So instead of leveling I've been catching pets.

Not on my main account on another one on another battlenet , an account with no collectors edition, no store pets, no loot pets. Instead of buying the orange and purple plaid flannel with metallic threads in it and making a jumper dress I spent my secret stash of money on upgrading to MoP ( this is probably a good thing because my family has a keen sense of what colours do and don't go together and mine varies a lot from theirs and the would be pained by watching me frolic in said dress, but the fabric may go on sale eventually, as it looks like all three bolts have been there since spring.)

Also no battletag or real ID friends , because I as much as I love my friends I , just don't want to say, " yeah, I still feel like the living dead and, yeah I am eating, some at least "

Catching pets is fun though, and it's interesting , none of the characters are very high level and my troll druid has been edging around places that are dangerous for her to get pets, so far I have 59 unique pets,  all  caught or the racial pets (jade crane chick is one of my favourites, still need to slog through the worgen starting area to get a raven *sigh*), it will be fun to see how far I will get with the numbers.

I plan to get all my pets by catching or quest with vendor pets and drop pets, Not a huge challenge but it does mean waiting on the various holidays. just no outside game stuff  or AH and any of my crafted pets I'll have to make myself, so far I have three characters I'm leveling for the crafted pets. It will be slower  but I'm finding it rather fun and challenging. I'm also playing a Pokemon cartridge with  Pokemon that correspond as closely as possible to my WoW pets.

I like the new pet battle part of the game but as my pint sized pink pachyderm headbutts  prairie dogs I'll keep looking over my shoulder for Mylune, I'm pretty sure she would disapprove.