Wednesday, November 16, 2011

is it that much easier or ... ?

Last night I was grouped with my sons rogue, I was on my priest healing, we were in various instances but, it was in Zul' farrak I noted it was kinda boring. I was rambling rather like old folks do.... " Back in my day this was exciting and hard, why when I was on my first night elf priest things here could get crazy let me tell you, with the snow and hills and all....." My guild leader used to say it was the first instance you had to actually be good at, one runner and all heck breaks loose. Anyhow it wasn't like that at all even with runners I probably could have wandered off and made pancakes or something. It just didn't ever get past a few renews and shields unless it was a boss fight, a lot of unfrogging people but ehhh. Strathholm a little later in the evening was a little more effort. This was making me think, is the game easier or is it me, I mean now I know what to expect at least up to seventy for the most part in most instances, my son was inviting my druid (one of them, not my main, just one of my many alts) cross server to tank in level seventy heroics and she was doing fine. (think I may have the hang of druid tanking ) Or is it gear you can get WotLK stuff at seventy so the gear is better then stuff that you used to have at seventy if you didn't raid. Heroics in TBC seemed really hard, at least to me. (I could now whine for a while how in vanilla my priest never got upgrades (she also had the whole warlock dungeon set yeah I confused people, really I am holy! ), because I healed just fine in my dungeon set better then the other priests so I didn't need upgrades, or so the raid leader said (ok, a couple of pieces in molten core after everyone else!), even though I never got the devout shoulders*, stupid paladins! and I hate looking at the devout robes, but my druid got epics after people found out I was not a guy .... but I won't or I did, or something, NO, I AM NOT BITTER!!!!)

Things just seemed harder, but when I dusted off my blood elf priest in wrath, it didn't seem that hard, and now leveling even though I don't have heirlooms (well I have some but I'm sick of looking at the dreadmist stuff too.) seems really easy, at leas healing on priests, druids and shamans I haven't quite adjusted to paladin healing after Cata it feels weird.

Except yesterday, after the lad had gone to bed I decided to stay up. I wandered over to Cenarian Circle and logged onto an alt, a level fifteen paladin, I have no main there anymore my night elf priest having left for Wyrmrest Accord, leaving my bank alts with some odds and ends and a few moon cloth bags that have no makers name on them. I though since I had leveled her to fifteen (she's the one so devoted to Stormwind she shouts stuff and kills people or something) I though I will use the dungeon finder and tank because everything is so easy now what do I have to be afraid of? (I have tanked on a bear and warrior now so I feel a little more confident)

I had tanked ragefire chasm the day before it went well after the druid remembered he had queued as heals and filled with confidence and feeling enthusiastic although not as much enthusiasm as some hunters (hunters are enthusiastic and excited that is what they must run off and shoot stuff they can't contain themselves, heirlooms enhance this feeling,and it can also bee seen in mages, but they don't use bullets or non magical arrows) I queued. It was fast. I zoned into the deadminds and cheerily said " hello everyone " the hunter (he was EXCITED!!!) was out of sight before I had time to talk to the quest giving guy, the healer whispered me " I don't heal noobs" and dropped group ( I dunno maybe I exude some kind of noobish aura ) but I raced off and grabbed aggro to the best of my ability, which frankly wasn't all that good and we didn't have a healer yet so I died. We got a healer I felt better and pulled those two ogres at the first bosses room, my health got scarily low , but hey this is probably a new guy and I'll be careful, the boss exploded himself and died with some help from us. We move on, two deaths later I rudely snapped at the healer "power word shield, and renew are useful spells "( I could have phrased that more politely and I feel guilty) I inspected him and saw he was shadow. he said oh, I forgot I had other spells and and we moved on. I tried to make smaller pulls used word of glory every cooldown (as needed) fought hard to keep aggro off the mostly heirloomed DPS ( heirlooms infused with some sort of stimulent). At fifteen paladin tanking is hard, at least for me I may just be bad, but it seemed hard to keep aggro on me not others although the healer stayed safe. We finished I only died two more times.

I debated giving up forever. I decided to queue again I still had two episodes of a series I was watching and a large mug of tea, and laying in bed thinking about how harsh I was on that healer and how much I fail would just be unpleasant. It was wailing caverns and although I had to explain that I wouldn't run the instance super fast I would give it my best try, I was going to get better and also be nice , i didn't even say anything about the annoying warrior who kept running ahead and pulling and rolling need on everything , but the healer did and initiated a vote kick. With him gone and me feeling a bit better it went ok , now I do have a higher level paladin I tanked a few times on and she is much easier with the added AOE effects at fifteen and sixteen you have less you can do , but I learn best by repetition so I will level various alts through what I feel weak on till I have it down. I queued with that same healer until I reached level twenty, it was challenging at times not super easy and I felt like I was learning, anyhow on lower level alts it is harder except as a priest for myself because if you do anything for nearly seven years you probably can do it half asleep. If you also don't wear your heirlooms and perhaps try some other role it can be more fun. Except I probably won't try DPS because I an just really bad at it, every time I have tried and never had fun.

* My paladin has the devout shoulders( Oh, the irony), but I didn't ninja them from some poor priest.

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