Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wherein I admit I am a coward

I don't have a level eighty five, I could, I had three level eightys when Cataclysm came out, now I have four, a few alts in the level seventy to eighty range quite a few more in the sixty to seventy range,(I have a lot of alts I used to multibox five accounts, but only one or two are ever active now.) but no I haven't even wandered into the Cataclysm areas, except to mine some obsidium on Isabella, and get some volitile stuffs for my son's paladin's crafted gear. So, yeah I could have had an eighty five ages ago. But I don't. I'm scared.

I read forums, and hear (see?) trade chat and always note how hard people say it is at eighty five, heroics are very difficult and filled with all sorts of complicated mechanics. I'm not the sharpest bulb in the toolbox, I learn slowly and have kinda slow reflexes. I worry people won't have patience for me learning (I worry a lot, I know.) The idea of random heroics at eighty five terrifys me. I won't even consider raiding.

I wasn't always scared. In vanilla I was in two different guilds, I had a sixty priest and a sixty druid . I raided with both rather obsessively, my druids guild was a bunch of lovable goofballs, (the raid leader had such a voice, I could have listened for hours mesmerized, although a pleasantly memorized state may not be conducive to ones role, I imagine my cat would be feeling like that as I scratched his head and he would purr and pour off the sofa.) we never had more then thirty five people for a forty man raid. (well thirty eight once when the stars aligned and stuff, and some sort of eldrich being came through a portal, but we never noticed it was just so amazing we had three more people) No one seemed to get mad as we bungled our way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair (I weirdly missed every Onyxia, stars just didn't align I guess ) We did Zul Gurub and AQ twenty (kurunnaxxx why do you, to this day, deny me those pretty robes?) and never finished AQ forty. We were mostly happy and no on cared that as we said we, well sucked (A couple of new members did call us idiots and rage quit.) The game was very fun. My priests guild could be fun but raiding was very serious business with much drama (we never got past Molten Core) I eventually left the guild and stayed unguilded being pugged for other guilds raids (People eventually stopped asking me to join their guilds and just accepted that I was an eccentric, but I did get to finish AQ forty on my priest, so Yay! cool!.) But if old stuff took a while for me to learn (I've mostly forgotten exact fight mechanics now, I'm like that, I must keep repeating things to remember them.) the new stuff is probably beyond me, or at least that is how I feel.

Of course you are probably wondering why this whingy post about how scary eighty five is, is going. well, after reading my old blog posts back at the beginning (I started this to convince myself to level) I have decided to go for it. I will get ( some character ) to eighty five and maybe find a guild (I could just be eccentric in the raid finder). What is the worst anyone can do? they could call me names or kick me(it happened three times before,I didn't die.) and yes I will complain of that when it happens (unless I know I screwed up badly then I will feel bad before trying some more), but I should at least try, and well I do have a shield, at least if I'm a tank I should (unless I'm a death knight or druid then well ....) so I can block some of the negative attacks (although weirdly, as I am leveling my tanks only few, like three, folks insulted me, but the mythical eighty five PuGs do sound horrible.) I will do my best and if it is beyond me,I can always level alts (I really do find that fun, I can also farm inane stuff for hours, still fun.) since the folks leveling need some adequate tanks and healers in their randoms to help make getting to max level easier.


  1. I feel exactly the same as you. The only way I'll even contemplate doing anything at 85 apart from levelling up fishing or something is with a group of like minded individuals who will be nice, supportive & encouraging & remember we are not all born knowing WoW games mechanics (that would be cool though!) & some of us take a bit of time getting their heads around them!

  2. Thanks for commenting, I really do think perhaps more people then I realize are actually not all that inclined to put up with random PuG sorta rudeness, but I wish everyone would just make an effort to be nice. Being born knowing all about WoW would have been interesting since most players would have been born before it was invented and that would make for an unusual world, and probably some sort of paradox.