Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dear Zen-whatever your name is.

Who the hell are you? and why are you sending me all this crap? Over thirty five stacks of mageweave, what do you expect me to do upholster the Undercity? Where do you pick up this stuff? Why in the name of the Dark Lady did you have all those ripped ogre loincloths? and the fish, how long did you have those? and all those "of the whale" enchanted weapons, no one wants those. I haven't even looked through all those crates yet. Some paladin who also sent me, twenty six pieces of mail armour, and a kitten she said you told her to, I don't wear mail and another thing, I'm a priest not a mage, I plan to take your stuff and sell it, you won't see a single copper though, I plan to use the gold fund my eventual battles against the alliance.

I'm keeping the kitten, he can eat all those damn fish.


Ps: The pristine raptor skull wasn't, it had a chip, probably from that axe you sent with it, it's entirely unsuitable for my skull collection, do you possibly have another?

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