Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Please stop pulling...

I'm trying to report your name.

Some days I hate people.

If you have an offensive name I will report you, yes Boobies with special characters in your name I hope the GM renames you themself so you have to pay to give your self another bad name so it can be reported again, of course you are on ignore, so I won't have to group with you again, but still grow up and let the tank lead, the healer may be zoning in while you race ahead.

Bad names seem to equal bad players , I usually thing Boobies or mufflicker (seriously?!) is a likely thoughtless based on their name usually I'm proved right, if your name is rape___ with special characters to get around filters you are likely an unpleasant person (I have never been proven wrong on this. Ever.) I will take time from fighting/healing in the battleground to report your name I will stop moving ahead in instances to report sexist and racist names. I may even ignore you and drop group. Why do you think names like this are ok? Do you really think you need an I am an uncaring person lacking in human decency who also likes to offend people banner?!! I'm sure in most cases you behaviour is sufficient.

Of course half the time I feel sorta sad I'm removing these peoples warning labels, because with those names at least you know what you probably have on your hands.

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