Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It puts me in mind of a giant fish

Tyraels charger that is, it's wing animation looks weird to me, it is far better then an elekk,(not that they have wings, mind you) but it's wings make me feel like I am underwater and on a giant fish thing. It is pretty though.

I plan to have fun with transmog too. Probably not today though.

if anyone with an EU account is interested...

...in a free month. Not that it's all that likely anyone will see this. I am planning to reactivate my EU account (for a month at least), and as I have been inactive there for some time, if someone cares to use a scroll of resurrection on me, they could get a free month when I put in my time code. I figured why waste a potential free month if there was someone that could perhaps use it.

character name - Sancia
realm - Darkmoon Faire


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

creepy picture

just look

"Just wait it's gonna blink, I just saw it"

it really does but not here, cause it's just a screenshot

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

wherein I admit I am a coward

I don't have a level eighty five, I could, I had three level eightys when Cataclysm came out, now I have four, a few alts in the level seventy to eighty range quite a few more in the sixty to seventy range,(I have a lot of alts I used to multibox five accounts, but only one or two are ever active now.) but no I haven't even wandered into the Cataclysm areas, except to mine some obsidium on Isabella, and get some volitile stuffs for my son's paladin's crafted gear. So, yeah I could have had an eighty five ages ago. But I don't. I'm scared.

I read forums, and hear (see?) trade chat and always note how hard people say it is at eighty five, heroics are very difficult and filled with all sorts of complicated mechanics. I'm not the sharpest bulb in the toolbox, I learn slowly and have kinda slow reflexes. I worry people won't have patience for me learning (I worry a lot, I know.) The idea of random heroics at eighty five terrifys me. I won't even consider raiding.

I wasn't always scared. In vanilla I was in two different guilds, I had a sixty priest and a sixty druid . I raided with both rather obsessively, my druids guild was a bunch of lovable goofballs, (the raid leader had such a voice, I could have listened for hours mesmerized, although a pleasantly memorized state may not be conducive to ones role, I imagine my cat would be feeling like that as I scratched his head and he would purr and pour off the sofa.) we never had more then thirty five people for a forty man raid. (well thirty eight once when the stars aligned and stuff, and some sort of eldrich being came through a portal, but we never noticed it was just so amazing we had three more people) No one seemed to get mad as we bungled our way through Molten Core, Blackwing Lair (I weirdly missed every Onyxia, stars just didn't align I guess ) We did Zul Gurub and AQ twenty (kurunnaxxx why do you, to this day, deny me those pretty robes?) and never finished AQ forty. We were mostly happy and no on cared that as we said we, well sucked (A couple of new members did call us idiots and rage quit.) The game was very fun. My priests guild could be fun but raiding was very serious business with much drama (we never got past Molten Core) I eventually left the guild and stayed unguilded being pugged for other guilds raids (People eventually stopped asking me to join their guilds and just accepted that I was an eccentric, but I did get to finish AQ forty on my priest, so Yay! cool!.) But if old stuff took a while for me to learn (I've mostly forgotten exact fight mechanics now, I'm like that, I must keep repeating things to remember them.) the new stuff is probably beyond me, or at least that is how I feel.

Of course you are probably wondering why this whingy post about how scary eighty five is, is going. well, after reading my old blog posts back at the beginning (I started this to convince myself to level) I have decided to go for it. I will get ( some character ) to eighty five and maybe find a guild (I could just be eccentric in the raid finder). What is the worst anyone can do? they could call me names or kick me(it happened three times before,I didn't die.) and yes I will complain of that when it happens (unless I know I screwed up badly then I will feel bad before trying some more), but I should at least try, and well I do have a shield, at least if I'm a tank I should (unless I'm a death knight or druid then well ....) so I can block some of the negative attacks (although weirdly, as I am leveling my tanks only few, like three, folks insulted me, but the mythical eighty five PuGs do sound horrible.) I will do my best and if it is beyond me,I can always level alts (I really do find that fun, I can also farm inane stuff for hours, still fun.) since the folks leveling need some adequate tanks and healers in their randoms to help make getting to max level easier.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

random sorta odd tip

If you start on a new server and haven't got ant 16 slot bags by level 10 you can PvP in battlegrounds then run to the Alterac quartermaster, and buy a quiver and an ammo pouch, they are now 16 slot bags and only cost 50 honour each, so two bags. It looks weird but they are pretty much free bags. Unless 100 honour seems like a lot to get at level ten to you but for me it seems easy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Dear Zen-whatever your name is.

Who the hell are you? and why are you sending me all this crap? Over thirty five stacks of mageweave, what do you expect me to do upholster the Undercity? Where do you pick up this stuff? Why in the name of the Dark Lady did you have all those ripped ogre loincloths? and the fish, how long did you have those? and all those "of the whale" enchanted weapons, no one wants those. I haven't even looked through all those crates yet. Some paladin who also sent me, twenty six pieces of mail armour, and a kitten she said you told her to, I don't wear mail and another thing, I'm a priest not a mage, I plan to take your stuff and sell it, you won't see a single copper though, I plan to use the gold fund my eventual battles against the alliance.

I'm keeping the kitten, he can eat all those damn fish.


Ps: The pristine raptor skull wasn't, it had a chip, probably from that axe you sent with it, it's entirely unsuitable for my skull collection, do you possibly have another?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Excited !!!!

I always did want Bayne, I feel rather happy, shooting stuff all over ( that forsaken guard was a bad choice though, and who knew there were still Sons of Arugal....) although I think the enthusiasm may just be some sort of right click error thing, doesn't explain mages though. Don't worry though, I won't inflict my enthusiasm on any groups, Bayne and I will just run about with each other.

is it that much easier or ... ?

Last night I was grouped with my sons rogue, I was on my priest healing, we were in various instances but, it was in Zul' farrak I noted it was kinda boring. I was rambling rather like old folks do.... " Back in my day this was exciting and hard, why when I was on my first night elf priest things here could get crazy let me tell you, with the snow and hills and all....." My guild leader used to say it was the first instance you had to actually be good at, one runner and all heck breaks loose. Anyhow it wasn't like that at all even with runners I probably could have wandered off and made pancakes or something. It just didn't ever get past a few renews and shields unless it was a boss fight, a lot of unfrogging people but ehhh. Strathholm a little later in the evening was a little more effort. This was making me think, is the game easier or is it me, I mean now I know what to expect at least up to seventy for the most part in most instances, my son was inviting my druid (one of them, not my main, just one of my many alts) cross server to tank in level seventy heroics and she was doing fine. (think I may have the hang of druid tanking ) Or is it gear you can get WotLK stuff at seventy so the gear is better then stuff that you used to have at seventy if you didn't raid. Heroics in TBC seemed really hard, at least to me. (I could now whine for a while how in vanilla my priest never got upgrades (she also had the whole warlock dungeon set yeah I confused people, really I am holy! ), because I healed just fine in my dungeon set better then the other priests so I didn't need upgrades, or so the raid leader said (ok, a couple of pieces in molten core after everyone else!), even though I never got the devout shoulders*, stupid paladins! and I hate looking at the devout robes, but my druid got epics after people found out I was not a guy .... but I won't or I did, or something, NO, I AM NOT BITTER!!!!)

Things just seemed harder, but when I dusted off my blood elf priest in wrath, it didn't seem that hard, and now leveling even though I don't have heirlooms (well I have some but I'm sick of looking at the dreadmist stuff too.) seems really easy, at leas healing on priests, druids and shamans I haven't quite adjusted to paladin healing after Cata it feels weird.

Except yesterday, after the lad had gone to bed I decided to stay up. I wandered over to Cenarian Circle and logged onto an alt, a level fifteen paladin, I have no main there anymore my night elf priest having left for Wyrmrest Accord, leaving my bank alts with some odds and ends and a few moon cloth bags that have no makers name on them. I though since I had leveled her to fifteen (she's the one so devoted to Stormwind she shouts stuff and kills people or something) I though I will use the dungeon finder and tank because everything is so easy now what do I have to be afraid of? (I have tanked on a bear and warrior now so I feel a little more confident)

I had tanked ragefire chasm the day before it went well after the druid remembered he had queued as heals and filled with confidence and feeling enthusiastic although not as much enthusiasm as some hunters (hunters are enthusiastic and excited that is what they must run off and shoot stuff they can't contain themselves, heirlooms enhance this feeling,and it can also bee seen in mages, but they don't use bullets or non magical arrows) I queued. It was fast. I zoned into the deadminds and cheerily said " hello everyone " the hunter (he was EXCITED!!!) was out of sight before I had time to talk to the quest giving guy, the healer whispered me " I don't heal noobs" and dropped group ( I dunno maybe I exude some kind of noobish aura ) but I raced off and grabbed aggro to the best of my ability, which frankly wasn't all that good and we didn't have a healer yet so I died. We got a healer I felt better and pulled those two ogres at the first bosses room, my health got scarily low , but hey this is probably a new guy and I'll be careful, the boss exploded himself and died with some help from us. We move on, two deaths later I rudely snapped at the healer "power word shield, and renew are useful spells "( I could have phrased that more politely and I feel guilty) I inspected him and saw he was shadow. he said oh, I forgot I had other spells and and we moved on. I tried to make smaller pulls used word of glory every cooldown (as needed) fought hard to keep aggro off the mostly heirloomed DPS ( heirlooms infused with some sort of stimulent). At fifteen paladin tanking is hard, at least for me I may just be bad, but it seemed hard to keep aggro on me not others although the healer stayed safe. We finished I only died two more times.

I debated giving up forever. I decided to queue again I still had two episodes of a series I was watching and a large mug of tea, and laying in bed thinking about how harsh I was on that healer and how much I fail would just be unpleasant. It was wailing caverns and although I had to explain that I wouldn't run the instance super fast I would give it my best try, I was going to get better and also be nice , i didn't even say anything about the annoying warrior who kept running ahead and pulling and rolling need on everything , but the healer did and initiated a vote kick. With him gone and me feeling a bit better it went ok , now I do have a higher level paladin I tanked a few times on and she is much easier with the added AOE effects at fifteen and sixteen you have less you can do , but I learn best by repetition so I will level various alts through what I feel weak on till I have it down. I queued with that same healer until I reached level twenty, it was challenging at times not super easy and I felt like I was learning, anyhow on lower level alts it is harder except as a priest for myself because if you do anything for nearly seven years you probably can do it half asleep. If you also don't wear your heirlooms and perhaps try some other role it can be more fun. Except I probably won't try DPS because I an just really bad at it, every time I have tried and never had fun.

* My paladin has the devout shoulders( Oh, the irony), but I didn't ninja them from some poor priest.

Monday, November 14, 2011

to my bank alt

Dear bank alt,

I woke up on this morning and my mailbox was full. It was not filled with gold that you sent me so I can buy pretty clothes and cute pets, it was filled with everything I sent you, and some stuff you had acquired while adventuring. Yes, you have taken up adventuring, good for you, I hear you are tanking, great! the world needs more brave folks like you, but stop mailing me your stuff, I do not do that auction thing, I'm more important then that. Please mail your junk to that useless mage collecting dust in the Undercity. They can probably sell it for you, and that's what I plan to do with the stuff you sent back to me. Hopefully she won't start adventuring or something.



westfall and memories

I will now ramble in a sort of directionless way.

This morning I am feeling nostalgic, after having leveled a bit through Westfall, actually it was last night I was feeling that way, and it's afternoon, but a long time ago I played WoW the first time, I was a troll priest. I was really bad at it. I could have put a lot or reallys before bad, I was so bad. Being a troll priest has little to do with Westfall , but I'll get there eventually. My guild was unhappy with me, but they had no other healers and they were mean except my friend who's brothers character I was playing (it wasn't even my priest his brother quit after a month of WoW he got a girlfriend and they just wanted someone to play the priest I know playing other peoples accounts are bad but....) After calling me names for two weeks, but still dragging me into instances and stuff (as an afterthought I must have been ok enough) and just being mean to me and offering no helpful advice at all, just after a horrible time in Mauradon (it was new) the told me to go roll a night elf hunter I was so awful and would never amount to anything. ( I'm certain there people are still playing WoW, and are in your PuGs and trade chat, they make people cry, and they probably stand in the bad.) I went out, and after a couple of weeks (I did come home between my shopping excursions) bought my own copy of the game they were hard to find, and made my first very own night elf hunter (made a troll one too, because the guild from the game I had played before played horde) The night elf is still level thirty and still wearing a lot of oddly statted armour (It made sense back then.) My troll hunter got a lot further and spent many a day shooting alliance that would dare to harass the Crossroads. I was a pretty good hunter, my guild liked me and was helpful with usefull advice, but alas they disbanded. I'm getting to Westfall soon.

I was guildless I made another night elf hunter on a new server, I wandered aimlessly with only my wolf (he was a prairie alpha from Mulgore, such a long run, I called him Dusty.) as a friend and realized I was lonely. No one wanted hunters even ones with super cute wolves. I thought hard and had noticed that everyone liked priests and healers and such so I rolled a priest I would be holy, well liked, and meet people and stuff (We all have to have our delusions) I made her to look just like my hunter (had a back story of why my hunter had become a priest after her beloved Dusty died, although actually he ran away while I was afk, I have kids, they trump WoW, i hope dusty found something to eat.) and I also made a troll priest. I went out into the world having high hopes and with great excitement, I met a rogue we were going to do Relics of Awakening and I would heal him and he would kill stuff , oh it would be glorious, a new start in my healing career. He died, he died a lot, he yelled at me for being so stupid and awful and told me to go play a hunter or something. After I got done crying I thought maybe humans would be more forgiving and headed to Stormwind it was a long run through the wetlands many times I was wounded severely, but it was not my time to die and I pressed on> I got to Thessalmar the dwarves hadn't heard of my incompetence, so they gave me some tasks and I crested level twelve, then I remembered that I was headed for Stormwind so I moved on to Ironforge and marvelled at the big lava pit in the middle and killed some rats for the gnomes to eat after discovering the tram.

I made it to Stormwind and asked some guy ( it was a human because a Night elf would know just what a failure I was) where I should go quest (I was feeling particularly brave that day , he sent me to Redridge. Redridge is for people of around level fifteen, I got there there were spiders and gnolls and a Night Elf warrior running toward me yelling "HEAL ME" while being chased by gnolls. I would like to say I suddenly healed him he survived and it was miraculous but, he died right there at my feet. I felt bad I almost cried. His ghost whispered me " hey can you rez me" I did and apologized for not healing him and I explained just how bad I was and muttered something about just going and being a hunter, but he said "hey let's group, I think Redridge is a little to advance for us we should try Westfall" We grouped and headed to Westfall,. His main was a priest he explained spells to me and why some choices were better then others, and there was much killing healing and no dying. then he was level eighteen and I was seventeen and he said " we should do Deadmines " I was afraid but, well I felt more confident, we asked for more in general chat there soon a group was formed. We got the quest the one Gryan Stoutmantle mentions the rewards for while you are in Northrend. We ventured in to the mines, our adventureous spirits high and with much anticipation. The first two bosses went brilliantly I healed he tanked party members lived, enemies died. Things were a bit chaotic in the smelting room we had a runner and n a death but still not bad at all and we were not high level for the instance it was hard but we took it slow discussed things and no one was rude. The boat, well it went badly it took about four tries to not get greenskin running down after us bringing his friends( if you were level sixteen or even seventeen there was a good chance if you didn't stay toward the outer edge of the ramp up you would get aggro from greenskin and pull him and whatever was between), and killing everyone, but in the end we did it we killed VanCleef, it felt really great we were victorious. We got our names yelled across Westfall, we got great rewards it was great, we even did it again, just because we could. after all that we watched the sunset by the lighthouse and I felt happy and like maybe I could be a healer
, for the next two weeks I quested and instanced with the noble warrior who's name I now forget, till he longed to play his priest and we went our own ways. However I will not forget his kindness and how he helped me learn and now westfall always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, except that I apparently aided in killing some poor little girls father in front of her. Also I became a rather good healer and went on to raid in vanilla and a little in The Burning crusade, so even someone who seems like a complete incompetent can go on to be very good at something, if you treat them nicely and help, although now I know I can look online for advice abut sometimes experiencing something while having it explained helps me learn better.

Old blanchy is dead, there is a big hole in the ground, The homeless people make me feel sad and my priest traumatized some poor child, but Westfall is still pretty at sunset.


reading copy

"that's not exactly how I remember it"


Sunday, November 13, 2011



" candles or the gold...."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Liking people you play with

You don't have to but it can help. I have written about how I like randoms and the anonymity of it all and being alone in a crowd , but there is something to be said for liking your group mates.

A few days ago, I queued for a PuG i was tossed into Scarlet monestary graveyard, the tank had left after the hunter pulled the whole room with the first boss. In a rare moment of weird clarity and skill? I dunno normally we would have all died (zoning is disorienting at least for me) I recognized the healer from eariler in the evening( she had been nice and patient with me) I bubbled her grabbed all the mobs layed on hands on myself and amazingly we all lived except the hunter he deserved to die ( healer gleefully whispered me of her joy at his passing) things went nicely from there , the hunter left to terrorize other PuGs after expressing his anoyance at the lack of heals directed at him, he was replaced by another hunter.Anyhow to continue the story we all chatted a bit after the whole "OMG that was that was crazy fun" The healer asked me to re queue with her all but the warlock left and we did four more randoms, the replacement hunter was sorta random with his shooting things but since we had bonded and started being chatty and joking in group he was gently chastised shaped up and even though the mage fell off a ledge in razorfen kraul no one got mad and any mistakes were corrected and weaknesses accepted ( the rogue we got had really weak DPs ) no one cared, no one called names( there was some advice about his lack of need for intellect and spirit but it was polite) so when we got the armory with at least two members feeling like they were too low it went fast and smoothly because people communicated at the end of the evening people sadly said how they wished for cross server friends and we parted ways probably to never meet again.

You are wondering what is the point I am making, I met this healer earlier and thus felt a feeling that since she was nice then I felt like I should give my very best effort and somehow bypassed my usual panic at coming in on chaos. This was also the case in the past when I had a tank I really enjoyed playing with we pulled off some amazing feats, at times when DPs were screaming and say Give up we will all die we survived. It was fun people laughed moved on and had fun, but the thing is we cared, we liked each other there was a sense of what happened mattering. With friends or decent folks at least there is a desire to push oneself and do more then just good enough to test ones limits to take chances, if you are with judgmental jerks you have no desire to really try hard you just want to get it done with and fast. If you care about the people you are with you do better you feel like it matters more to succeed, not that I don't try, even for annoying people, but more that you can rise to very amazing if you really care.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

randomish thoughts

I wonder what ever possesses one to pick up a squishy chunk( I had this idea for a recipe...) and put in ones bag, or sticky ichor ( maybe I will be able to make glue), or a rotted bear carcass? ( I don't even...) Sure a few copper may seem great at level ten but ( I have ten bear carcasses why are you all running from me?), Your food drink and armour are in your bag, at least your pets aren't anymore, just think of way back when that poor white kitten had to lick itself clean.

Heroes or adventurers or hired thugs or whatever we are are just kinda odd.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Please stop pulling...

I'm trying to report your name.

Some days I hate people.

If you have an offensive name I will report you, yes Boobies with special characters in your name I hope the GM renames you themself so you have to pay to give your self another bad name so it can be reported again, of course you are on ignore, so I won't have to group with you again, but still grow up and let the tank lead, the healer may be zoning in while you race ahead.

Bad names seem to equal bad players , I usually thing Boobies or mufflicker (seriously?!) is a likely thoughtless based on their name usually I'm proved right, if your name is rape___ with special characters to get around filters you are likely an unpleasant person (I have never been proven wrong on this. Ever.) I will take time from fighting/healing in the battleground to report your name I will stop moving ahead in instances to report sexist and racist names. I may even ignore you and drop group. Why do you think names like this are ok? Do you really think you need an I am an uncaring person lacking in human decency who also likes to offend people banner?!! I'm sure in most cases you behaviour is sufficient.

Of course half the time I feel sorta sad I'm removing these peoples warning labels, because with those names at least you know what you probably have on your hands.

Monday, November 7, 2011


After taking a short break from the slaughter of ebon whelps I decided to fish a bit then, head to the little windmill place in wetlands to check if they had a colorful kilt (something pretty for city wear).

I have the feeling Deathwing probably wasn't amused by my whelp farming.


Deathwing seems a bit more active of late since this is the second character of mine in a week to be burnt to a crisp, my son's deathknight got singed too.