Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More then one PuG a day

I bought dual spec and started healing today. I still can heal just fine although shaman are different, and since I hadn't healed on one past 30 it was newish.

Pugs last night were smooth and nice if a bit boring,today though, they were weird.

A tank who made very big pulls then only focused on one mob, the others were happily smashing my face while the DPS desperately tried to save me and I healed myself and them, this didn't end well. Even after I whispered to him after the third painful pull and first wipe, he may want to not share the mobs aggro so much in this case selfish is good. ( I may have been a bit snarky but he started the instance announcing how great he was.) I let him die the next pull, and explained more clearly what the trouble was. This didn't work because on the boss he let all the adds beat me up. I ran out of mana keeping myself and the DPS alive as long as I could and sorta healing him( I seem to rarely even get to 75% mana shaman seem rather efficient that way.). He raged called us all incompetent and left. Things were fine after that.

Next we had another interesting tank, he really needed to insult the DPS, we asked him nicely to stop it he tried to vote kick the lowest DPS but we didn't. He stayed we finished the instance just fine and he wanted to do Halls of reflection, which if the DPS were so bad would be kinda silly, or unwise at least. He just left before the fifth wave. We got a new tank . Things went nicely from there the abused moonkin ( Poor druid didn't know you could transform in combat, this is sad at 80 but kinda amusing.) who was lowest at DPs suddenly improved, because the mage was encouraging, and well it's easier to preform without a poopyhead tank insulting you.

Then there was this hunter we were in two instances together, in the first his pet died. I noticed in the second his pet was still not there and whispered him I thought he might want it , but alas the poor thing had died and he would get another after this run. After I stopped laughing( I know I should have been annoyed but it was too funny.) I told him he could raise the poor thing from the dead and he was amazed.

The druid and the hunter were both Scroll of ressurection 80s. I know most people would find this annoying and well , yes it could be but with a little explanation both improved greatly. I imagine it's pretty bad in some groups.

I ended up in Throne of the Tides with a group with mostly SoR 80's , except the tank. It went well and the tank wanted to keep me. I guess she'd had some bad healers recently. I went back to Wrath heroics.

Then the Occulus, it was already started when I zoned in. there was no tank so the retribution paladin , offered to. He didn't change spec or anything. The moonkin was in mostly agility gear, he did have a caster belt. it was exciting and rather surprisingly fun. I had acase of the giggles and stated each fight with " we're all gonna die arghhh!" We didn't until the drake part. It was challenging to heal but fun, no one was getting mad and things were weird , but the mood was very non serious. Except when we got to the end I realized all but myself and the moonkin had red drakes. We were the only ones who had been there before. The moonkin declared defeat and left after the first wipe (I don't blame him) but we were determined and a gnome DPS joined us. After trying again with now three red drakes and a green. I explained the fight. my son got on my druid and queued as tank specificaly for Occulus so we'd have a tank, luckily he got us randomly ( I know everyone loves the Occulus so much It was soo unlikely he'd get our tankless group haha!) The DPS went and got some bronze drakes. We all died again, they hadn't listened or read if you prefer. Undaunted I explained again. we died. Hmmm this isn't working, but I'm determined if anything , So I explained again, then as the battle went on I shouted ( well typed ) commands you know, time stop ! run away! (fly?) and we did it, hopefully they will remember next time. The shadow priest got a new mount out of it and I was happy.

The other three groups went fine and were fun. Nothing exceptional happened. Except one tank wanted to kidnap me and keep me. ( He said his mage friend would conjure me mana noms.) I worry there may not be enough healers or something.

So today was, nice tanks like me, even some seem inclined to kidnap people. I can still heal, and it's still fun. Mean tanks usually are bad at tanking. DPS kill faster if you are nice to them. People can learn. I should probably replace my agility cloak and gloves because someone might inspect me. ( I mean really, should I have said anything about the moonkin's gear?) I'm happy . today was good.

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