Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying some PuGs again

So with the whole Scroll of resurrection , I have resurrected one more character, (two actually but the other two were experiments and to move items to alliance from horde safely and across servers, I have way more accounts then anyone should, but I sometimes got paid for character portrait commissions with game time and vanilla keys. This character is another Shaman, who I locked at 80 to practice on. I'm doing Lich king heroics, no scary, scary cataclysm dungeons for me yet ( ok, I did one. On a different character. I accidentally pulled the boss with my backside and after apologising and offering to leave, the group was very nice and let me stay, they found the apology rather funny which seemed strange, but I never understand people. I was a lot more careful.)

The first one my DPS was abysmal, I was last, so I felt bad somewhat embarrassed the tank left, ( Probably not because of me but I felt like it.) no new tank came, we finished anyhow ( the hunter and healer were amazing) and my DPS got a bit better, but still not great. I went to research a bit and then tried to kill a wooden dummy for about 45 minutes till I felt I had some idea what I was doing. I went and quested for a few quest rewards, got a couple of useful random drops, killed Anzu (no mount), and queued again. My DPS had about doubled, so then, a lot better, I was careful about aggro ( because having healed and tanked it would be silly to do something that would annoy me) I moved out of bad stuff, I am actually usually pretty good about that I can still hear my old vanilla partner 's voice, although in my head telling me get out of the fire, I just never could see it. (In wrath it's pretty visible even with my weird graphic settings, I remove most red to prevent seizures.) I also remembered windshear. So much improved, I felt a bit more confident and kept queuing. Things went well.

I sorta wish I could find out what I should be hitting for DPS at a specific level and with approximate gear , but my internet search skills aren't up to that yet. Healing I can tell whether I'm doing it fine or not for the most part.

I am gathering a collection of gear and such for healing I will try that next.

I may even get a perky pug.

After that I'll finish leveling Silfaria to 85. she can get her pug then.

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