Saturday, March 31, 2012

I miss old Wailing Caverns.

I miss it's twisting paths, and watching groups getting lost, I never got lost there ( I got lost almost everywhere else, how does one get lost in the Deadmines ?  ....) I would gently tell the group what direction to go and they would ignore me and wander aimlessly in circles. The evil part of me was amused as I would sit down and watch them come past me( I would start a campfire and cook usually) over and over asking if they were ready to follow me yet. in a way it felt like what i imagined a dungeon would,  mysterious and dangerous, you had to carefully explore (ok it was never that hard , yes some pulls got messy but that's the fun of it) You could imagine camping there stopping for a meal after securing an area. ( yes, respawns , I know,but I'm imagining here). The event at the end , if anyone else stayed that long was neat too. I like stuff like that . You should be able to trigger a special boss everywhere, it added something. People are in too much of a hurry now .

I like Blackrock Depths too , I get lost there (actually I don't anymore) and they need some railings, but it's fun and has that going into a real adventure feel to it.

After thinking about it, Vashj' ir is an ok trade off for the old Wailing Caverns, . I don't get lost there either, and I love the look and feel of it,  it's not an instance it's a zone , but it's fun, I wish there were more quests there I feel sad to finish it. So far I have been through it five times twice on one character ( faction change ) . There needs to be more fish mini pets . I may resurrect another old account just to do it again. I think the horde version is better. " Who puts a "dead " sea demon on their head , really?!" is the best line ever. Ok, there might be better lines in the game but , for now that's my favourite, I love asking the goblin to see the  thing  again.

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