Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts on the mists

I was up rather early today , and enjoyed reading about the newly revealed mists stuff.

I like the Pandaren female model. I may have preferred a bit rounder , but I like it well enough and I plan to probably make a costume/fursuit , and on the red panda girls tails, I love tails. Tails are fun to draw, Worgen should have had tails.

The account wide pet thing is interesting , but I wonder what if you have more then one of a rare pet , do they all merge into one pet?, for example I have about eight characters with tiny crimson whelplings so will there just be one across the account, or is each one a separate pet and also since I moved characters from my main account that had collectors editions they still know the collectors edition pets will they stay or go ? will collectors edition pets be tradable, everey character created gets one and what about the petstore pets and also there are pets like the baby blizzard bear and onyxian whelpling, how will that work?

Farming sounds sorta fun, I mind my garden in Pokemon dream world, I like that sort of thing although it's not really much minding.

The scenery looks nice, I will enjoy exploring.

I feel unsure about the whole war and the Garrosh thing, he doesn't seem that bad, I mean I find him a bit uninteresting and bland , but really not too rage inducing.

I worry if Scholomance and The scarlet monastery will only be heroic and thus leave a bit of a gap in low level instances. I also rather like a lot of the drops in Scholomance for transmog and would be irritated if they went away.

Not really much in the way of interesting thoughts, but perhaps more after I think a bit more.

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