Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waking the dead

I think it's Orgrimmar.

I used a scroll of resurrection on my oldest account , I rarely play it, so it had been asleep for a while. Too many memories, I guess. It already had cata on it. Sometimes nostalgia overcomes me. So I go back looking for something that I miss.

When I left the PvP server I started on I moved to Whisperwind, a PvE server, roleplay was too intimidating, at that time I hardly knew the world. It had the plus that I knew someone there from my old guild, he asked me to come play there, PvP server's weren't for him either. I made my NE hunter and joined the Alliance. I liked it better then Horde, they had chairs. My first ever druid is still there but moved to my current account some while ago, because I forgot to change servers when I moved her, just accounts.

When the person I knew told the guild he was in not to invite me because I sucked at the game ( it was more complicated then that, but eh ) I rolled horde. I made a troll hunter and an orc Shaman.

My troll hunter spent a fair bit of time defending the crossroads, killing my former friend /guild mate, his guild liked to attack the Crossroads, a lot. I think almost all my time in the barrens I was spammed with " the Crossroads is under attack" that was barrens chat, ok there were still dumb jokes too. My troll hunter moved when the first server transfers to Azjol Nerub were opened, so did my night elf hunter and priest. I went back made another NE hunter joined a guild made some friends stayed till the guild leaders divorced and I didn't care to take sides. I always go back to servers I was happy on, even if everyone is gone and my FL is just filled with ghosts, I'm weird that way .

So that left my druid and little orc shaman. Standing in the graveyard outside of Orgrimmar. Confused about how different everything is.

The druid resurrected the orc. I guess, or maybe the spirit healer she was in a graveyard after all.

The game thinks my night elf is Horde, for some reason, probably my hunters past dedication to defending the crossroads? I have no idea.

My shaman is still an orc. a level 80 orc. My druid is sad but her pets comfort her. I put in a ticket maybe in five days the orc will be a Dranei. It's a known issue.

A level 80 orc with no idea what she's doing " La la la" , totems flame shock, lava burst, lightning, ('I'm under water how does that work I don't even...) I love underwater. Boing, boing boing, I hardly bother with my seahorse skipping through Vashj'ir I'm having boatloads of fun. I'll probably read a elemental shaman guide soon, but oh it's fun. Stuff dies fast, faster then on my death knight. ( I'm a bad death knight, I'll get it though, eventually) I'm shocked ( or rather ,they are :P). My only sad is that ghost wolf doesn't boing along like the druid bear I saw.

Clueless but happy

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