Friday, March 16, 2012

Now with horns and a tail

The faction change finally came through , I was unable to keep my name, so I was sad. One nice bit, is I did get to redo much of Vashj'ir so that was fun. She is 84 now, she'll be 85 soon. I'm not sure what to do then. I won't raid, I haven't even tried to do an instance.

I'm enjoying exploring, going back and farming pets and mounts, I've been killing Anzu every day. No mount yet (on any character , my paladin has been at this for a while) but it was sorta fun figureing out how not to die doing it at 80 ( Yes, any competant player could probably just blaze through there and kill everything, no trouble at 80 , but it took some planning for me.)

I'll probably eventually move her to Moon Guard or Wrymrest Accord , since I at the very least like observing role play, the world seems less lively on a normal server. It was silly of me to invite her with my druid, I should have realized I could give the mount to any character, not just the one that resurrected her.

I can fish, and level other professions . I always like fishing.

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