Saturday, March 31, 2012

I miss old Wailing Caverns.

I miss it's twisting paths, and watching groups getting lost, I never got lost there ( I got lost almost everywhere else, how does one get lost in the Deadmines ?  ....) I would gently tell the group what direction to go and they would ignore me and wander aimlessly in circles. The evil part of me was amused as I would sit down and watch them come past me( I would start a campfire and cook usually) over and over asking if they were ready to follow me yet. in a way it felt like what i imagined a dungeon would,  mysterious and dangerous, you had to carefully explore (ok it was never that hard , yes some pulls got messy but that's the fun of it) You could imagine camping there stopping for a meal after securing an area. ( yes, respawns , I know,but I'm imagining here). The event at the end , if anyone else stayed that long was neat too. I like stuff like that . You should be able to trigger a special boss everywhere, it added something. People are in too much of a hurry now .

I like Blackrock Depths too , I get lost there (actually I don't anymore) and they need some railings, but it's fun and has that going into a real adventure feel to it.

After thinking about it, Vashj' ir is an ok trade off for the old Wailing Caverns, . I don't get lost there either, and I love the look and feel of it,  it's not an instance it's a zone , but it's fun, I wish there were more quests there I feel sad to finish it. So far I have been through it five times twice on one character ( faction change ) . There needs to be more fish mini pets . I may resurrect another old account just to do it again. I think the horde version is better. " Who puts a "dead " sea demon on their head , really?!" is the best line ever. Ok, there might be better lines in the game but , for now that's my favourite, I love asking the goblin to see the  thing  again.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A pug today

I'm really, really bored with Halls of Reflection, some Occulus please I'd like a blue drake, pretty please.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More then one PuG a day

I bought dual spec and started healing today. I still can heal just fine although shaman are different, and since I hadn't healed on one past 30 it was newish.

Pugs last night were smooth and nice if a bit boring,today though, they were weird.

A tank who made very big pulls then only focused on one mob, the others were happily smashing my face while the DPS desperately tried to save me and I healed myself and them, this didn't end well. Even after I whispered to him after the third painful pull and first wipe, he may want to not share the mobs aggro so much in this case selfish is good. ( I may have been a bit snarky but he started the instance announcing how great he was.) I let him die the next pull, and explained more clearly what the trouble was. This didn't work because on the boss he let all the adds beat me up. I ran out of mana keeping myself and the DPS alive as long as I could and sorta healing him( I seem to rarely even get to 75% mana shaman seem rather efficient that way.). He raged called us all incompetent and left. Things were fine after that.

Next we had another interesting tank, he really needed to insult the DPS, we asked him nicely to stop it he tried to vote kick the lowest DPS but we didn't. He stayed we finished the instance just fine and he wanted to do Halls of reflection, which if the DPS were so bad would be kinda silly, or unwise at least. He just left before the fifth wave. We got a new tank . Things went nicely from there the abused moonkin ( Poor druid didn't know you could transform in combat, this is sad at 80 but kinda amusing.) who was lowest at DPs suddenly improved, because the mage was encouraging, and well it's easier to preform without a poopyhead tank insulting you.

Then there was this hunter we were in two instances together, in the first his pet died. I noticed in the second his pet was still not there and whispered him I thought he might want it , but alas the poor thing had died and he would get another after this run. After I stopped laughing( I know I should have been annoyed but it was too funny.) I told him he could raise the poor thing from the dead and he was amazed.

The druid and the hunter were both Scroll of ressurection 80s. I know most people would find this annoying and well , yes it could be but with a little explanation both improved greatly. I imagine it's pretty bad in some groups.

I ended up in Throne of the Tides with a group with mostly SoR 80's , except the tank. It went well and the tank wanted to keep me. I guess she'd had some bad healers recently. I went back to Wrath heroics.

Then the Occulus, it was already started when I zoned in. there was no tank so the retribution paladin , offered to. He didn't change spec or anything. The moonkin was in mostly agility gear, he did have a caster belt. it was exciting and rather surprisingly fun. I had acase of the giggles and stated each fight with " we're all gonna die arghhh!" We didn't until the drake part. It was challenging to heal but fun, no one was getting mad and things were weird , but the mood was very non serious. Except when we got to the end I realized all but myself and the moonkin had red drakes. We were the only ones who had been there before. The moonkin declared defeat and left after the first wipe (I don't blame him) but we were determined and a gnome DPS joined us. After trying again with now three red drakes and a green. I explained the fight. my son got on my druid and queued as tank specificaly for Occulus so we'd have a tank, luckily he got us randomly ( I know everyone loves the Occulus so much It was soo unlikely he'd get our tankless group haha!) The DPS went and got some bronze drakes. We all died again, they hadn't listened or read if you prefer. Undaunted I explained again. we died. Hmmm this isn't working, but I'm determined if anything , So I explained again, then as the battle went on I shouted ( well typed ) commands you know, time stop ! run away! (fly?) and we did it, hopefully they will remember next time. The shadow priest got a new mount out of it and I was happy.

The other three groups went fine and were fun. Nothing exceptional happened. Except one tank wanted to kidnap me and keep me. ( He said his mage friend would conjure me mana noms.) I worry there may not be enough healers or something.

So today was, nice tanks like me, even some seem inclined to kidnap people. I can still heal, and it's still fun. Mean tanks usually are bad at tanking. DPS kill faster if you are nice to them. People can learn. I should probably replace my agility cloak and gloves because someone might inspect me. ( I mean really, should I have said anything about the moonkin's gear?) I'm happy . today was good.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying some PuGs again

So with the whole Scroll of resurrection , I have resurrected one more character, (two actually but the other two were experiments and to move items to alliance from horde safely and across servers, I have way more accounts then anyone should, but I sometimes got paid for character portrait commissions with game time and vanilla keys. This character is another Shaman, who I locked at 80 to practice on. I'm doing Lich king heroics, no scary, scary cataclysm dungeons for me yet ( ok, I did one. On a different character. I accidentally pulled the boss with my backside and after apologising and offering to leave, the group was very nice and let me stay, they found the apology rather funny which seemed strange, but I never understand people. I was a lot more careful.)

The first one my DPS was abysmal, I was last, so I felt bad somewhat embarrassed the tank left, ( Probably not because of me but I felt like it.) no new tank came, we finished anyhow ( the hunter and healer were amazing) and my DPS got a bit better, but still not great. I went to research a bit and then tried to kill a wooden dummy for about 45 minutes till I felt I had some idea what I was doing. I went and quested for a few quest rewards, got a couple of useful random drops, killed Anzu (no mount), and queued again. My DPS had about doubled, so then, a lot better, I was careful about aggro ( because having healed and tanked it would be silly to do something that would annoy me) I moved out of bad stuff, I am actually usually pretty good about that I can still hear my old vanilla partner 's voice, although in my head telling me get out of the fire, I just never could see it. (In wrath it's pretty visible even with my weird graphic settings, I remove most red to prevent seizures.) I also remembered windshear. So much improved, I felt a bit more confident and kept queuing. Things went well.

I sorta wish I could find out what I should be hitting for DPS at a specific level and with approximate gear , but my internet search skills aren't up to that yet. Healing I can tell whether I'm doing it fine or not for the most part.

I am gathering a collection of gear and such for healing I will try that next.

I may even get a perky pug.

After that I'll finish leveling Silfaria to 85. she can get her pug then.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts on the mists

I was up rather early today , and enjoyed reading about the newly revealed mists stuff.

I like the Pandaren female model. I may have preferred a bit rounder , but I like it well enough and I plan to probably make a costume/fursuit , and on the red panda girls tails, I love tails. Tails are fun to draw, Worgen should have had tails.

The account wide pet thing is interesting , but I wonder what if you have more then one of a rare pet , do they all merge into one pet?, for example I have about eight characters with tiny crimson whelplings so will there just be one across the account, or is each one a separate pet and also since I moved characters from my main account that had collectors editions they still know the collectors edition pets will they stay or go ? will collectors edition pets be tradable, everey character created gets one and what about the petstore pets and also there are pets like the baby blizzard bear and onyxian whelpling, how will that work?

Farming sounds sorta fun, I mind my garden in Pokemon dream world, I like that sort of thing although it's not really much minding.

The scenery looks nice, I will enjoy exploring.

I feel unsure about the whole war and the Garrosh thing, he doesn't seem that bad, I mean I find him a bit uninteresting and bland , but really not too rage inducing.

I worry if Scholomance and The scarlet monastery will only be heroic and thus leave a bit of a gap in low level instances. I also rather like a lot of the drops in Scholomance for transmog and would be irritated if they went away.

Not really much in the way of interesting thoughts, but perhaps more after I think a bit more.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Now with horns and a tail

The faction change finally came through , I was unable to keep my name, so I was sad. One nice bit, is I did get to redo much of Vashj'ir so that was fun. She is 84 now, she'll be 85 soon. I'm not sure what to do then. I won't raid, I haven't even tried to do an instance.

I'm enjoying exploring, going back and farming pets and mounts, I've been killing Anzu every day. No mount yet (on any character , my paladin has been at this for a while) but it was sorta fun figureing out how not to die doing it at 80 ( Yes, any competant player could probably just blaze through there and kill everything, no trouble at 80 , but it took some planning for me.)

I'll probably eventually move her to Moon Guard or Wrymrest Accord , since I at the very least like observing role play, the world seems less lively on a normal server. It was silly of me to invite her with my druid, I should have realized I could give the mount to any character, not just the one that resurrected her.

I can fish, and level other professions . I always like fishing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Not sure the eye glow works, but, I did spend much of the night messing about drawing, . This is isn't what I was working on mostly, but I plan to try to get one drawing a week up/done. Not really done but ok.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Waking the dead

I think it's Orgrimmar.

I used a scroll of resurrection on my oldest account , I rarely play it, so it had been asleep for a while. Too many memories, I guess. It already had cata on it. Sometimes nostalgia overcomes me. So I go back looking for something that I miss.

When I left the PvP server I started on I moved to Whisperwind, a PvE server, roleplay was too intimidating, at that time I hardly knew the world. It had the plus that I knew someone there from my old guild, he asked me to come play there, PvP server's weren't for him either. I made my NE hunter and joined the Alliance. I liked it better then Horde, they had chairs. My first ever druid is still there but moved to my current account some while ago, because I forgot to change servers when I moved her, just accounts.

When the person I knew told the guild he was in not to invite me because I sucked at the game ( it was more complicated then that, but eh ) I rolled horde. I made a troll hunter and an orc Shaman.

My troll hunter spent a fair bit of time defending the crossroads, killing my former friend /guild mate, his guild liked to attack the Crossroads, a lot. I think almost all my time in the barrens I was spammed with " the Crossroads is under attack" that was barrens chat, ok there were still dumb jokes too. My troll hunter moved when the first server transfers to Azjol Nerub were opened, so did my night elf hunter and priest. I went back made another NE hunter joined a guild made some friends stayed till the guild leaders divorced and I didn't care to take sides. I always go back to servers I was happy on, even if everyone is gone and my FL is just filled with ghosts, I'm weird that way .

So that left my druid and little orc shaman. Standing in the graveyard outside of Orgrimmar. Confused about how different everything is.

The druid resurrected the orc. I guess, or maybe the spirit healer she was in a graveyard after all.

The game thinks my night elf is Horde, for some reason, probably my hunters past dedication to defending the crossroads? I have no idea.

My shaman is still an orc. a level 80 orc. My druid is sad but her pets comfort her. I put in a ticket maybe in five days the orc will be a Dranei. It's a known issue.

A level 80 orc with no idea what she's doing " La la la" , totems flame shock, lava burst, lightning, ('I'm under water how does that work I don't even...) I love underwater. Boing, boing boing, I hardly bother with my seahorse skipping through Vashj'ir I'm having boatloads of fun. I'll probably read a elemental shaman guide soon, but oh it's fun. Stuff dies fast, faster then on my death knight. ( I'm a bad death knight, I'll get it though, eventually) I'm shocked ( or rather ,they are :P). My only sad is that ghost wolf doesn't boing along like the druid bear I saw.

Clueless but happy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

randomly silly

With all the looking at old screenshots and stuff I found this. The reason why there are no carpets on Archerus. The standard issue Death Knight sword drags on the floor, well into the floor.