Friday, February 10, 2012

An absent minded engine of destruction

Ahh , the holidays, I just adore the world events, three this week, I'm finding myself quite busy.

The Lunar festival is nice you travel around honouring the elders quite peacefull, there is the whole Omen thing but for the most part it's fireworks dresses pretty lanterns and dumplings, I do love dumplings.

Love is in the air though, yes there are flowers,candies,weirdly dressed winged goblins, purfume (not a good thing in my opinion and other then violent feelings toward people who spritz me with it generally peaceful) boats and pink and red decoration,( who decorated the outside of Scholomance , and to the students exchange little paper cards with candys and pithy sayings or more likely disturbing sayings it's necromancy school, after all) there are those lovely charm bracelets made from lovely charms.

These lovely charms you make them from the bits and pieces of those you have killed and you have to kill many to get decent bits to work with, a lot, many, many have to die to get the best pretty bits to make charms from so we can ride around on a pink strider wear a lovely dress or have a creepy half naked goblin follow us around.

So unlike my normal , and somewhat inefficient manner of questing or doing anything in game where I avoid killing as much as i possibly can, i now kill everything, I even find places where enemys are close together and return quickly , so that I can kill, and kill and kill. but all this killing is sorta boring, so i minimize my game so enough of my screen is available to have something to read while I slaughter everything. I occasionally die, since I'm mot paying too close of attention although I do sometimes loot , I just keep going, so I am absentmindedly killing stuff and feeling a bit distanced from the game while doing it. It feels weird. Like playing but not. I will have my pretty bird for my paladin (terribly distressed by the slaughter, but pink!) and hunter (easily distracted, She got bored and wandered of to tame even more pets,even though she really only uses three, kinda like pokemon my PC is full but I only actually have six i like to use , ok, three teams of six but still.) even if my death knight does most of the killing.( she is pretty much fine killing stuff, that's just how she is) I'll probably sell her lovebird it's not her thing, she's more an undead horse sorta gal, although that will take time to farm too.( except for my son who got the death charger on a lark , when he was bored near stath and then another on his mage a few days later, he never farmed on purpose, but is did take him forever to get the gloves he wanted, so maybe things balance out)

Of course the Darkmoon Faire wants grisly tokens, so more killing. Yep a carnival where you go play games eat food , see cute animals ride ponys , but they want ears or something, this time I'm bringing them all toes that's why it's taking so long, next month vertebra, because skulls is so overdone.

Anyhow my Death knight will probably be my first 85, this is weird since I have never actually liked the undead thing much and they can't respec as healers , they have no cute pet, ghouls are kinda gross, I'm warming up to the bloodworms , but they keep exploding before I really get to know them, they are pink though, maybe I will keep the lovebird, even if a worgen looks like it may be too big for it.

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