Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Dark Iron Dwarves

I have a suggestion for you,


yes railings!

After visiting your city, and having a few or so drinks in The Grim Guzzler, smashing some kegs, killing the bartender, and tripping over a bunch of dwarves. I went for a stroll around the city and stumbled off of a bridge into LAVA,

yes lava!!!

Who has bridges over lava without railings?

Don't you realize how dangerous this is?

Lava will kill you, I checked, even dwarves (Sorry Ghalnane, I had to know.)

In Ironforge there are invisible walls, you actually have to get on your gryphon fly up and fall off to end up in lava.

Think of the children, or don't you dwarves have any? Is it just the one left in Ironforge? I can see why!

Think of the visitors to your city, your tourism bureau must be badly run,

Your ambassador in Gnomeregon is rude too.


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