Monday, February 13, 2012

settleing into a character or three

These three are my "mains" or at least right now, I like playing all three, I like how they look and they are on my favourite server and Alliance. Allisbette started out as my bank alt, but for some reason I wanted to get her to level 10 and after roleplaying a bit she became a character, it's funny how that works, Alissbette is because my hunter on Cenarian Circle was so much fun I decided to make a hunter on Moon Guard, why I sorta duplicated my paladin I'm not sure why but I like the eyebrows and the name, my kitty is very shiny, I like the shiny kitty, my vulture feels neglected and my wolf is considering running away . Katienne was created to get an extra Lunar lantern, but I started having fun, ( she just sorta runs in killing stuff then dies, although mostly she doesn't die much anymore unless I go afk and make tea) I drag my son's death knight around with her ( so they stay the same level since he asked me to) The death knight glowing eyes fix the female worgen eye issues for me, also killing stuff is easy and I never feel all that bad doing so, maybe as a death knight she is freer that way, ( I still prefer killing scourge, demons and other reprehensable sorts) I have fantasys of tanking with her when I get over my anti PuG feelings. Alissbette still farms most of my lovely charms, I found a good spot stopped her exp and just slaughter away, I get a fair number of greens and stuff to sell so it's practical too, luckily for her it's mostly demons, cultists and corrupted things so she is happy doing so. I do still have my escape character on the other account on Zul'Jin, no one is on my Real IDon that account so I feel very quietly alone which is nice if I need that. ( invisible sign in would make me so happy, but I keep Real ID so I can cross server group if I want to) Anyhow for the first time in a long while I feel strong attachments to the characters, so playing is more fun.

I make a lot of alts but for the most part since The Burning Crusade I haven't settled on a main, pets mounts and achievements are scattered about throughout various characters and even accounts. For the most part when a friend would change servers or a guild or I acquired a admirer ( I have a tendency to be too nice and not be clear enough to people that I really don't like them all that much and, my being helpful has no deeper meaning behind it then that I like helping people, four netherweave bags are not a declaration of undying love, seriously some people!) I would move.

All are three are in random invite mega guilds, that I have guild chat turned off in, ( I get perks they get whatever I contribute to looting or something.) I joined mostly so I stopped getting invites and whispers for invites to guilds. I may even look for a real guild and start forming friendships (I probably won't be giving out any bags though). I often try too hard to be helpful when I join a guild and like people, I get burned out fast, also the shyness, and in ways it's harder to meet people since not as much on server grouping happens, I met all my friends and joined all the guilds I liked through same server groups except the guild from the other game that moved to WoW.

I'm also not sure I ever want to PuG again. At least not without my own healer or tank and my son is bored with the game for now Lorsty has lag. I'm just not any good at DPS so wouldn't inflict myself on a random, I could improve but may not, I'm for the most part ok with that I will never be great at the game. In Vanilla I was fine I raided while healing rather well, but the new fights are too complicated for me I try and read strategy watch videos but I know when I hit 85 I'll be too slow, that's just how it is, I am having fun, farming pets, outfits and looking at scenery and there is much fishing to be done. Of course it may be I lack people that I care about playing with that keeps me from being better I do remember how when I felt like part of a team, in my old guilds I cared and seemed to rise above what I thought I could do. that's probably the case for most people though, as solitary as I am I still like people and know humans are for the most part social creatures.

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