Friday, February 24, 2012

odd dreams

Earlier this week I dreamed about WoW, I was tanking in Gnomeregon and this mage would run ahead and pull everything, and it was annoying after some time of this happening and how annoying it was to have to get aggro off him, I asked him to stop and then when he wouldn't stop I tried to quit the group but I was kept from leaving it by them voting not to let me go by some weird nightmarish reverse of vote kicking .

This morning I dreamed that I was with the fellow from way back who learning tanking while I was learning healing and we discovered a hidden instance where all the mobs were dressed badly and when we killed them they had no loot but there was a room at the end with all of their costumes, the kind you would expect them to have on anyway and dressing rooms , so we were able to get full outfits to transmog.

I think a dungeon with all cool outfits that could just be used for transmogrification would be kinda neat actually.

I see fishing bobbers from WoW when I am with my eyes closed and falling asleep. I may fish too often.

They are less odd then dreams of making small pyramids with live ducks that sat very still but a bit odd anyway.

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