Monday, February 20, 2012

sixth thing

no one tagged me as I'm pretty obscure , but as I was able to find many interesting WoW blogs to read because of Gnomaegeddon's meme I felt an urge to join in, also since Saz tagged the world at large I might join in. I counted out the various sixes, and on this computer my screens are in all one folder I have this

a screen of my son's hunter I took as a reference for a drawing of the character

In my drawings folder the sixth image is this

it was a night elf death knight I was drawing for someone it's not finished, it is now, but that is about the third save turned into a JPEG i finished it on save as version 11.

the sixth in my photo's isMy daughters themed birthday two years ago, It was a triumph, huge success, she still says it was her best party ever.

.... and for Lorsty the Lorsty images file , screenshots and stuff.

Because even if you often tanked with out pants, I have many images of you shirtless. Not the best image , but you know it's the sixth.

I'm not tagging anyone else because, I really don't know of anyone who hasn't been tagged yet, but I did love looking at everyone's pictures.

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