Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nifty mounts and stuff

no longer a Tauren, but still has the ram

a long time, not if you are a mountain or a tree ( maybe you were a tree but that isn't the same now is it?) , but, there was the first Brewfest, there was a neat little pet the wolpertinger but there was something else, two mounts and you could get them for enough tickets starting at level 40, this was cool this was so cool in fact I leveled my tauren druid to 40 and collected enough tickets to buy the quest item so I could get the mounts , even if I couldn't learn the epic one till level 60. I also got the mounts with my priest but she was already high enough level that it was no big deal, but to do it on a level 40 was awfully exciting.

They took it out the next year, because I dunno, it was too fun and well darn it those level 40 can't have any fun they may not go do end game or something. I was angry I ranted wrote letters expressing my annoyance, because now none of my other characters or anyone else new would ever get the regular Brewfest mount. I think it was a bit stupid of them, I think in a way having something so cool at that level that was doable not just from a random number generator was a great thing .

I have problems with neat stuff from holidays from the RNG, this winter veil and the lump of coal was a great example , of RNG fail, we should have I dunno had to do something bad ( I'm not sure what, light all the braziers in blackfathom deep after being asked by both the healer and tank not to, dance naked in the cathedral, link that one legendary in trade chat, yeah everyone would probably have one, except me , although I might be willing to dance in the cathedral but I was never one who needs things to be rare to like them, except sometimes steak and that's sorta different) it was a lump of coal, after all, or bake cookies( cookies who's parts you get from killing stuff of course ) to turn in or something.

If I want rare or cool armour for the most part assuming I am not an awful player ( I may be one but we're assuming here), eventually get it, well maybe RNGs hate me it was a joke in my NE priests guild how badly I rolled . But you can try all year, and as long as the instance/raid exists ( darn you kurrinaxx, why no dress even now?)

Anyhow that was not the only point and I'm starting to get distracted, this year low levels can get mounts, at least the Lovebird and theoretically the Spring strider from Noblegarten, and stuff like the dancing bear and pets from the darkmoon faire. This is cool it makes me happy it makes me feel like playing and the newish people or even people with severe altitis can get their lowbie characters a neato mount. it just takes dedication and a lot of killing or gold if you want to avoid the killing yourself. ( you may feel morally superior but many pixels had to die ah haa haaha ha ... a eh * shrug* )

I think making novel and pretty things available to more people is better , it seems happier and exciting although maybe not too much because suffering is good ( never mind that last bit was channeling my former conservative self...) everyone should have fun and be able to partake of the neat stuff (why blizzard, is cherry pie level 40 I mean it's pie do you really hate lowbies that much , ok yeah we can eat cookies, still....) and the end game stuff just doesn't seem all that fun at least to me and I'm sure some others. So I feel like it's heading the right way now, with these new mounts.

Maybe is they are really nice the old ram will be available for tickets it's only a slow mount, please Blizzard.

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