Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty pretty dress.

So my death knight obtained Vestments of the Shifting Sands. I've always loved these robes, During burning Crusade a friend would help me try to farm them for either of my priests although more so my Night Elf, they never dropped. In vanilla my Night Elf priest watched every other caster but her win them plus a couple of paladins. Purple is one of my favourite colours, with fuchsia coming a close second, then brown like my worgen's fur. ( I'm also very fond of leopard prints but that's not a colour, imagine how I decorate.)

My Blood elf priest is sad she doesn't have them , and another plate wearer got them.

My death knight revels in her suffering.


  1. I feel your Priest's pain. I watched all our clothadins make off with them in vanilla and in the end I had to settle for the Robes of the Guardian Saint on my Priest. Still would have preferred these ones as I much prefer the colour.

  2. You could still get them, since transmog makes them usable, but it was sad for all cloth wearers when plaladins had no intellect/spellpower plate.