Thursday, February 2, 2012

I love this place

Goldshire Inn Moon guard, even if she looks like she disapproves, she wouldn't be happy anywhere else, most paladins are closet perverts anyhow.

Moon guard, my home server , I love this server I moved there the day it opened, My night elf hunter and priest were rerolled there, I don't even remember if transfers were available yet, because they were too costly at first anyhow. I often wander to other servers but I always come back. I once used the free transfer s to move all of my characters off Moon Guard, just to start over with new ones (I like leveling). I've never found a guild there, mostly because I think it's where I go to be alone in a crowd, or the fact that I'm pathologically shy.

I've always found it interesting how different each server is they each have a feel and an atmosphere. I often try and find someplace new, (character slots get filled up) but I never find the place that feels so much like home. Servers can also change though, I know Shadow Council just doesn't feel like it did even if one of the guilds I was in is still there, maybe it's just that the people I played with are mostly gone. I've never quite been able to stay back there. Wrymrest Accord is my son's main server I have alts there actually my main druid and paladin are there, but i never quite feel as at home. I am there it's great to play with him but since he is a bit more interested in another game they won't really do much till he comes back to WoW.

No other server feels like it I can wander through Stormwind any time of day or night and catch bits and pieces of conversation (the roleplaying sort) Even if no one knows me and no one does, because I haven't ever been social, I never feel alone. I can sit in some out of the way place place and fish and an occasional person will pass by and ask how are the fish biting, in Stormwind I can overhear, romances(sometimes in a little too much detail), breakups, murder plots, treason plots (I suppose I should tell the city guard about that but one was right there, I think he could overhear it too) exorcisms, cooking shows you get the idea no place like it.

Wyrmrest accord is busy too, I like it at times but I never feel the same there, yes a lot of roleplaying happens and I did get involved with stuff when the server was new, but maybe it's just the lack of Goldshire inn's umm popularity.( the only Glodshire inn is Moon Guards 's none other is quite like it) A part of me is terribly amused and entertained by reading Flag RSP's and other roleplay add on description there (yeah, I probably need to grow up). But is still seems alive if occasionally disturbing.

So I made a couple of new alts after deleting some others and played there again for the last week, a lot of fishing some gathering, visiting elders, dressing up my horde and alliance shaman( they will get some better armour to cover with what they are currently wearing but they were so neglected for so long that the pretty but irrelevant stat wise armour is all they have but it will make transmog easier since they look cool now.) no PuGs just by myself. I find i am happy in game again , it's relaxing and I will possibly be taking up grouping again but it's just nice to have a place for escape.

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