Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pretty pretty dress.

So my death knight obtained Vestments of the Shifting Sands. I've always loved these robes, During burning Crusade a friend would help me try to farm them for either of my priests although more so my Night Elf, they never dropped. In vanilla my Night Elf priest watched every other caster but her win them plus a couple of paladins. Purple is one of my favourite colours, with fuchsia coming a close second, then brown like my worgen's fur. ( I'm also very fond of leopard prints but that's not a colour, imagine how I decorate.)

My Blood elf priest is sad she doesn't have them , and another plate wearer got them.

My death knight revels in her suffering.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Dark Iron Dwarves

I have a suggestion for you,


yes railings!

After visiting your city, and having a few or so drinks in The Grim Guzzler, smashing some kegs, killing the bartender, and tripping over a bunch of dwarves. I went for a stroll around the city and stumbled off of a bridge into LAVA,

yes lava!!!

Who has bridges over lava without railings?

Don't you realize how dangerous this is?

Lava will kill you, I checked, even dwarves (Sorry Ghalnane, I had to know.)

In Ironforge there are invisible walls, you actually have to get on your gryphon fly up and fall off to end up in lava.

Think of the children, or don't you dwarves have any? Is it just the one left in Ironforge? I can see why!

Think of the visitors to your city, your tourism bureau must be badly run,

Your ambassador in Gnomeregon is rude too.


Friday, February 24, 2012

odd dreams

Earlier this week I dreamed about WoW, I was tanking in Gnomeregon and this mage would run ahead and pull everything, and it was annoying after some time of this happening and how annoying it was to have to get aggro off him, I asked him to stop and then when he wouldn't stop I tried to quit the group but I was kept from leaving it by them voting not to let me go by some weird nightmarish reverse of vote kicking .

This morning I dreamed that I was with the fellow from way back who learning tanking while I was learning healing and we discovered a hidden instance where all the mobs were dressed badly and when we killed them they had no loot but there was a room at the end with all of their costumes, the kind you would expect them to have on anyway and dressing rooms , so we were able to get full outfits to transmog.

I think a dungeon with all cool outfits that could just be used for transmogrification would be kinda neat actually.

I see fishing bobbers from WoW when I am with my eyes closed and falling asleep. I may fish too often.

They are less odd then dreams of making small pyramids with live ducks that sat very still but a bit odd anyway.

Monday, February 20, 2012

sixth thing

no one tagged me as I'm pretty obscure , but as I was able to find many interesting WoW blogs to read because of Gnomaegeddon's meme I felt an urge to join in, also since Saz tagged the world at large I might join in. I counted out the various sixes, and on this computer my screens are in all one folder I have this

a screen of my son's hunter I took as a reference for a drawing of the character

In my drawings folder the sixth image is this

it was a night elf death knight I was drawing for someone it's not finished, it is now, but that is about the third save turned into a JPEG i finished it on save as version 11.

the sixth in my photo's isMy daughters themed birthday two years ago, It was a triumph, huge success, she still says it was her best party ever.

.... and for Lorsty the Lorsty images file , screenshots and stuff.

Because even if you often tanked with out pants, I have many images of you shirtless. Not the best image , but you know it's the sixth.

I'm not tagging anyone else because, I really don't know of anyone who hasn't been tagged yet, but I did love looking at everyone's pictures.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nifty mounts and stuff

no longer a Tauren, but still has the ram

a long time, not if you are a mountain or a tree ( maybe you were a tree but that isn't the same now is it?) , but, there was the first Brewfest, there was a neat little pet the wolpertinger but there was something else, two mounts and you could get them for enough tickets starting at level 40, this was cool this was so cool in fact I leveled my tauren druid to 40 and collected enough tickets to buy the quest item so I could get the mounts , even if I couldn't learn the epic one till level 60. I also got the mounts with my priest but she was already high enough level that it was no big deal, but to do it on a level 40 was awfully exciting.

They took it out the next year, because I dunno, it was too fun and well darn it those level 40 can't have any fun they may not go do end game or something. I was angry I ranted wrote letters expressing my annoyance, because now none of my other characters or anyone else new would ever get the regular Brewfest mount. I think it was a bit stupid of them, I think in a way having something so cool at that level that was doable not just from a random number generator was a great thing .

I have problems with neat stuff from holidays from the RNG, this winter veil and the lump of coal was a great example , of RNG fail, we should have I dunno had to do something bad ( I'm not sure what, light all the braziers in blackfathom deep after being asked by both the healer and tank not to, dance naked in the cathedral, link that one legendary in trade chat, yeah everyone would probably have one, except me , although I might be willing to dance in the cathedral but I was never one who needs things to be rare to like them, except sometimes steak and that's sorta different) it was a lump of coal, after all, or bake cookies( cookies who's parts you get from killing stuff of course ) to turn in or something.

If I want rare or cool armour for the most part assuming I am not an awful player ( I may be one but we're assuming here), eventually get it, well maybe RNGs hate me it was a joke in my NE priests guild how badly I rolled . But you can try all year, and as long as the instance/raid exists ( darn you kurrinaxx, why no dress even now?)

Anyhow that was not the only point and I'm starting to get distracted, this year low levels can get mounts, at least the Lovebird and theoretically the Spring strider from Noblegarten, and stuff like the dancing bear and pets from the darkmoon faire. This is cool it makes me happy it makes me feel like playing and the newish people or even people with severe altitis can get their lowbie characters a neato mount. it just takes dedication and a lot of killing or gold if you want to avoid the killing yourself. ( you may feel morally superior but many pixels had to die ah haa haaha ha ... a eh * shrug* )

I think making novel and pretty things available to more people is better , it seems happier and exciting although maybe not too much because suffering is good ( never mind that last bit was channeling my former conservative self...) everyone should have fun and be able to partake of the neat stuff (why blizzard, is cherry pie level 40 I mean it's pie do you really hate lowbies that much , ok yeah we can eat cookies, still....) and the end game stuff just doesn't seem all that fun at least to me and I'm sure some others. So I feel like it's heading the right way now, with these new mounts.

Maybe is they are really nice the old ram will be available for tickets it's only a slow mount, please Blizzard.

Monday, February 13, 2012

settleing into a character or three

These three are my "mains" or at least right now, I like playing all three, I like how they look and they are on my favourite server and Alliance. Allisbette started out as my bank alt, but for some reason I wanted to get her to level 10 and after roleplaying a bit she became a character, it's funny how that works, Alissbette is because my hunter on Cenarian Circle was so much fun I decided to make a hunter on Moon Guard, why I sorta duplicated my paladin I'm not sure why but I like the eyebrows and the name, my kitty is very shiny, I like the shiny kitty, my vulture feels neglected and my wolf is considering running away . Katienne was created to get an extra Lunar lantern, but I started having fun, ( she just sorta runs in killing stuff then dies, although mostly she doesn't die much anymore unless I go afk and make tea) I drag my son's death knight around with her ( so they stay the same level since he asked me to) The death knight glowing eyes fix the female worgen eye issues for me, also killing stuff is easy and I never feel all that bad doing so, maybe as a death knight she is freer that way, ( I still prefer killing scourge, demons and other reprehensable sorts) I have fantasys of tanking with her when I get over my anti PuG feelings. Alissbette still farms most of my lovely charms, I found a good spot stopped her exp and just slaughter away, I get a fair number of greens and stuff to sell so it's practical too, luckily for her it's mostly demons, cultists and corrupted things so she is happy doing so. I do still have my escape character on the other account on Zul'Jin, no one is on my Real IDon that account so I feel very quietly alone which is nice if I need that. ( invisible sign in would make me so happy, but I keep Real ID so I can cross server group if I want to) Anyhow for the first time in a long while I feel strong attachments to the characters, so playing is more fun.

I make a lot of alts but for the most part since The Burning Crusade I haven't settled on a main, pets mounts and achievements are scattered about throughout various characters and even accounts. For the most part when a friend would change servers or a guild or I acquired a admirer ( I have a tendency to be too nice and not be clear enough to people that I really don't like them all that much and, my being helpful has no deeper meaning behind it then that I like helping people, four netherweave bags are not a declaration of undying love, seriously some people!) I would move.

All are three are in random invite mega guilds, that I have guild chat turned off in, ( I get perks they get whatever I contribute to looting or something.) I joined mostly so I stopped getting invites and whispers for invites to guilds. I may even look for a real guild and start forming friendships (I probably won't be giving out any bags though). I often try too hard to be helpful when I join a guild and like people, I get burned out fast, also the shyness, and in ways it's harder to meet people since not as much on server grouping happens, I met all my friends and joined all the guilds I liked through same server groups except the guild from the other game that moved to WoW.

I'm also not sure I ever want to PuG again. At least not without my own healer or tank and my son is bored with the game for now Lorsty has lag. I'm just not any good at DPS so wouldn't inflict myself on a random, I could improve but may not, I'm for the most part ok with that I will never be great at the game. In Vanilla I was fine I raided while healing rather well, but the new fights are too complicated for me I try and read strategy watch videos but I know when I hit 85 I'll be too slow, that's just how it is, I am having fun, farming pets, outfits and looking at scenery and there is much fishing to be done. Of course it may be I lack people that I care about playing with that keeps me from being better I do remember how when I felt like part of a team, in my old guilds I cared and seemed to rise above what I thought I could do. that's probably the case for most people though, as solitary as I am I still like people and know humans are for the most part social creatures.

it's pink!

I had to put on some older armour to match it, as my normal blue and grey set didn't go, but I rather like it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

An absent minded engine of destruction

Ahh , the holidays, I just adore the world events, three this week, I'm finding myself quite busy.

The Lunar festival is nice you travel around honouring the elders quite peacefull, there is the whole Omen thing but for the most part it's fireworks dresses pretty lanterns and dumplings, I do love dumplings.

Love is in the air though, yes there are flowers,candies,weirdly dressed winged goblins, purfume (not a good thing in my opinion and other then violent feelings toward people who spritz me with it generally peaceful) boats and pink and red decoration,( who decorated the outside of Scholomance , and to the students exchange little paper cards with candys and pithy sayings or more likely disturbing sayings it's necromancy school, after all) there are those lovely charm bracelets made from lovely charms.

These lovely charms you make them from the bits and pieces of those you have killed and you have to kill many to get decent bits to work with, a lot, many, many have to die to get the best pretty bits to make charms from so we can ride around on a pink strider wear a lovely dress or have a creepy half naked goblin follow us around.

So unlike my normal , and somewhat inefficient manner of questing or doing anything in game where I avoid killing as much as i possibly can, i now kill everything, I even find places where enemys are close together and return quickly , so that I can kill, and kill and kill. but all this killing is sorta boring, so i minimize my game so enough of my screen is available to have something to read while I slaughter everything. I occasionally die, since I'm mot paying too close of attention although I do sometimes loot , I just keep going, so I am absentmindedly killing stuff and feeling a bit distanced from the game while doing it. It feels weird. Like playing but not. I will have my pretty bird for my paladin (terribly distressed by the slaughter, but pink!) and hunter (easily distracted, She got bored and wandered of to tame even more pets,even though she really only uses three, kinda like pokemon my PC is full but I only actually have six i like to use , ok, three teams of six but still.) even if my death knight does most of the killing.( she is pretty much fine killing stuff, that's just how she is) I'll probably sell her lovebird it's not her thing, she's more an undead horse sorta gal, although that will take time to farm too.( except for my son who got the death charger on a lark , when he was bored near stath and then another on his mage a few days later, he never farmed on purpose, but is did take him forever to get the gloves he wanted, so maybe things balance out)

Of course the Darkmoon Faire wants grisly tokens, so more killing. Yep a carnival where you go play games eat food , see cute animals ride ponys , but they want ears or something, this time I'm bringing them all toes that's why it's taking so long, next month vertebra, because skulls is so overdone.

Anyhow my Death knight will probably be my first 85, this is weird since I have never actually liked the undead thing much and they can't respec as healers , they have no cute pet, ghouls are kinda gross, I'm warming up to the bloodworms , but they keep exploding before I really get to know them, they are pink though, maybe I will keep the lovebird, even if a worgen looks like it may be too big for it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I love this place

Goldshire Inn Moon guard, even if she looks like she disapproves, she wouldn't be happy anywhere else, most paladins are closet perverts anyhow.

Moon guard, my home server , I love this server I moved there the day it opened, My night elf hunter and priest were rerolled there, I don't even remember if transfers were available yet, because they were too costly at first anyhow. I often wander to other servers but I always come back. I once used the free transfer s to move all of my characters off Moon Guard, just to start over with new ones (I like leveling). I've never found a guild there, mostly because I think it's where I go to be alone in a crowd, or the fact that I'm pathologically shy.

I've always found it interesting how different each server is they each have a feel and an atmosphere. I often try and find someplace new, (character slots get filled up) but I never find the place that feels so much like home. Servers can also change though, I know Shadow Council just doesn't feel like it did even if one of the guilds I was in is still there, maybe it's just that the people I played with are mostly gone. I've never quite been able to stay back there. Wrymrest Accord is my son's main server I have alts there actually my main druid and paladin are there, but i never quite feel as at home. I am there it's great to play with him but since he is a bit more interested in another game they won't really do much till he comes back to WoW.

No other server feels like it I can wander through Stormwind any time of day or night and catch bits and pieces of conversation (the roleplaying sort) Even if no one knows me and no one does, because I haven't ever been social, I never feel alone. I can sit in some out of the way place place and fish and an occasional person will pass by and ask how are the fish biting, in Stormwind I can overhear, romances(sometimes in a little too much detail), breakups, murder plots, treason plots (I suppose I should tell the city guard about that but one was right there, I think he could overhear it too) exorcisms, cooking shows you get the idea no place like it.

Wyrmrest accord is busy too, I like it at times but I never feel the same there, yes a lot of roleplaying happens and I did get involved with stuff when the server was new, but maybe it's just the lack of Goldshire inn's umm popularity.( the only Glodshire inn is Moon Guards 's none other is quite like it) A part of me is terribly amused and entertained by reading Flag RSP's and other roleplay add on description there (yeah, I probably need to grow up). But is still seems alive if occasionally disturbing.

So I made a couple of new alts after deleting some others and played there again for the last week, a lot of fishing some gathering, visiting elders, dressing up my horde and alliance shaman( they will get some better armour to cover with what they are currently wearing but they were so neglected for so long that the pretty but irrelevant stat wise armour is all they have but it will make transmog easier since they look cool now.) no PuGs just by myself. I find i am happy in game again , it's relaxing and I will possibly be taking up grouping again but it's just nice to have a place for escape.